Tuesday, September 13, 2016

10 Things To Do Before Back to School: #10

I know I know, I haven't posted my 10th thing to do before you start back to school.  Guess what?  It's because I've been doing it - FULLY.  The final item I have is remember to take time for yourself and your family.  

Back to school is not only hard on you, but your whole family.  My children don't get the well rested, refreshed mommy they had over the summer, they get the tired, worn out, overworked back to school mommy - and it's no fun for anyone.  I feel overwhelmed - with a to do list that never ends and the worry and stress of the upcoming year keeping me up at night.

While I know it's difficult (TRUST ME, I KNOW!) try to remember to take time to just have fun.  Enjoy a movie night, read a book that isn't professional development, take a day trip, eat the ice cream, laugh, and smile.  

This summer, leading up to the beginning of school, my girls and I enjoyed a trip to the Science Center in STL, some shopping, days at the park and evening walks in our neighborhood.  We also multiple movies nights and sleepovers in mommy's bed.  Whatever makes your soul happy, do it.  Life's too short not to!  You need it!  You will be a better teacher for it in the end!

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