Sunday, August 21, 2016

10 Things To Do Before Back to School: #9


As you get closer to your school year starting, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and maybe even negative about the beginning of school.  The first day/week/month of school can be STRESSFUL for everyone involved and it's hard not to get caught up in our own little overworked bubble.   

I am fortunate to work in a building and district where everyone truly supports their teachers and comes together for the greater good.  Before school even begins, we come together to discuss the upcoming school year and get pumped for job ahead of us.  My district has a "Welcome Back" breakfast the day before school starts every year.  Teachers from all over our district come together and eat breakfast, catch up, and get excited.  This year was no exception.  We celebrated together a teacher who fought and survived brain cancer over the past two years and is now back in the classroom.  We celebrated a high school student who has won national honors with a speech he wrote.  We celebrated and welcomed new staff to our district and we look at our district's strategic plan so we know exactly where we are headed.  

I look forward to this breakfast every year.  Some view it as something else staff have to sit through before school starts, but I view it as an opportunity to celebrate a fresh start, another year, another chance to make a difference.  This year, my favorite part was when we were asked to write down why we were proud to work in the district we do.  For me, there are so many reasons.  Both as a teacher and parent, I am proud of the teachers our district has and the work that is done to take care of the whole child.  It's truly awe inspiring.  After writing down our thoughts, we took pictures and put them on social media with the hashtag #jr2proud.  It's so fun to look and see all of the reasons on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter why we are proud to work for our district.  

♥ My Kindergarten team is the bomb!!! ♥

No matter what you do or your district does to get pumped or excited, jump in head first.  Have a positive attitude.  Let go of what happened last year.  Look forward to the year ahead.  Maybe this will be the year you start feeling really good about teaching that concept that used to scare you.  Or maybe you join a new committee and you really start feeling like you are making a difference.  Not only do you NEED and DESERVE a fresh start, students and families do too.  Maybe this year, you'll be the teacher that child finally connects with, or that teacher a mom feels she can really express her concerns to.  What ever good is going to happen, is needs to start with a positive attitude.  So start your year ready to rock and roll rock star.  You got this!  

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