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SUPER Excited about Back to School! - SALE & GIVEAWAY

Wow.  It's July 20th.  Where did the summer go?  I hate to admit this, but every summer I tell myself "I'm not going to work myself crazy.  I'm going to forget about school for a little bit and just enjoy summer!"  But every summer it seems I can't keep kindergarten and education off of my brain!  Anyone else have this problem???

Between summer school, conferences, and working on lessons - back to school has been on my brain all summer.  Like probably a lot of you, I created a to do list of things I wanted to accomplish before August.  I've been working on several projects this summer to get ready for the beginning of the year and next week. I'll be sharing what I've been up to!

Something that took quite a bit of my time this summer was my new Super Kindergartners Back to School pack!  

Our theme for summer school this year was SUPER HEROES so in preparation for that, I created a few things for my summer school kiddos to do.  They enjoyed the activities so much, and I had requests from a few of my kindergarten teacher friends, that I added a few more activities and made it a whole pack!  Here's a peek at what's inside!

I created three different shared reading books with matching black and white student books to help focus on some simple sight words at the beginning of the year.

- Super Students! (focus word - a)
- So Many Masks! (focus word - the)
- Super Heroes (focus words - I, see)

I love providing my students with their own small versions of the emergent readers.  We read them together on Fridays and look for the targeted sight words with our highlighters.  Students can then take them home to read to their parents or keep them in a book box at school for familiar reading materials.  

This is an ABC Letter Game.  It can be used several ways including simply matching uppercase and lowercase letters, putting letters in alphabetical order or spelling simple words for advanced learners.

I played a pocket chart style game with my summer school class and they loved it!  I hide the 'villain' cards behind two different letter cards and the students had to find them.  To find them, they take turns coming up to the pocket chart and identifying a letter.  When they identify the letter correctly, they get to check to see if the villain is behind the superhero!  

The beginning sounds cards are perfect for giving students practice discriminating different letter sounds.  You can use clothespins to clip onto the different cards or use gems, rocks, erasers or pointers to have students find the correct picture.

Rhyming is a great way to start practicing that phonological awareness skill.  These rhyming cards help students find pictures that rhyme together and make a match.  You could use these as a way to pair up students to work together as partners as well!  

This is probably one of my favorite activities!  Name writing is such a big deal when students start kindergarten.  This EDITABLE page provides students opportunities with both reading and writing their name.  You will type in the student name at the top of the page, then type in the student name along with other names in the superhero badge boxes.  Students will color the badges their name appears in, then practice writing their name in pencil, crayon and marker.  

For beginning math skills, I focused specifically on counting and numbers 1-10.  Students will count the number of masks on the card then locate the correct numeral.  Again, you can use a clothespin or other object to mark the number.

To practice writing the number, students with count the number of villains in the jail, then write how many villains were caught in the box provided with a dry/erase marker.  

I love using ten frames.  They are a great way to expose students to the concept of subitizing (knowing a number of objects automatically without counting them), a skill that will be beneficial when moving to harder math concepts like addition and subtraction.  For this activity, students will match the puzzles that go together - numeral and correct ten frame.  

To give students a grasp of number order (and a beginning concept of greater than/less than) students will cut out and rearrange superheroes in the correct order.

I also decided to include a few activities that weren't ELA or math specific.  For a beginning handwriting activity, students will trace lines from the superhero to the villain.  You can also use this page to have your students practice cutting on line - thought I would print the page on card stock to give your students something sturdier to practice with.

This was a fun activity to create.  Using some favorite superheroes your students would recognize, I created a memory game!  Memory is a game that requires a lot of attention to detail - which a skill needed for identifying letters and words.  What a fun way to practice!

The beginning of the year in kindergarten is when most teachers discuss the rules of the classroom and school.  I included a "Good Choices/Bad Choices" sort to provide an opportunity for teachers to have this discussion with their students in a fun way.  

Also included in the pack (but not pictured!):

**Play Dough Letter Mats (for all 26 letters - students will create the letter in play dough, then trace and write it with a dry/erase marker)

**Roll and Cover Sheet (students will roll a die, count the dots and color the correct number on their paper)

**EDITABLE Desk Plates (just type in your students' names)

**EDITABLE Name Tags (type in your students' names then print onto Avery shipping labels - size 3 1/3 X 4 - for quick name tags for the first day of school!)

**Superhero Coloring Pages (to celebrate the first day/week of school)

**Superhero Craft (make your students into superheroes and talk about how SUPER they are!)

The best part about this pack is that it is currently ON SALE!  Not only that, but this week only, I'm running a special deal.  If you purchase my Super Kindergartners Back to School pack, you will receive my Super Subitizers pack fo' free!!!

This pack is designed to help you students practice their ability to subitize (knowing a number of objects automatically without counting them).  This skills comes up in the lives of students every day and influences their understanding of additional numerical concepts.  By giving students opportunities to practice this ability, they will strengthen their number sense and gain a strong foundation for future math skills such as decomposing and composing varying quantities. It provides cards with dots, dice, ten frames, tally marks, and hands for finger counting.  It's perfect for RTI, small group math, or whole group math instruction.  

This deal runs through Sunday, July 24th!  If you purchase my Super Kindergartners pack this week, just email me at and let me know and I'll send you over my Super Subitizers pack to use as well!  

If you would like a chance to WIN both products simply enter the giveaway below!  It closes this Sunday, July 24th at midnight!  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

That's all I've got for you for now!  Come back next week for updates on what I'm doing to get my classroom ready for the new school year!  I have a lot to share with you!  Until then, I'm going to *try* to relax and enjoy the rest of my summer day!  Cheers!

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