Thursday, July 28, 2016

10 Things To Do Before Back to School: #4

Today's tip for back to school is a quick one and it ties in nicely with my tip from yesterday.  When you think of teaching behavior expectations, you need to think of procedures and routines to also teach your students. 

Every expectation and transition needs to be taught to your students.  From how and where to hang up their backpack in the morning to how to dismiss in the afternoon and everything in between.  Before students can be held accountable for following the rules, they must know the expectations and exactly what to do.

Pinterest has a HUGE assortment of checklists you can download to use at the beginning of the school year.  When researching, I found one that I really enjoyed and plan on using myself!  Why invent the wheel if there is something wonderful already available?!

Erika Smatlan over at has created a great FREE resource you can download on her blog!  Here is the link!

Whether you use Erika's list, find a different list on Pinterest or create your own, make sure you are thinking of a list of procedures/routines to go over with your students during the first weeks of school!  Cheers!

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