Saturday, April 9, 2016

Five for Friday: Turtle Time!

Linking up this Saturday to give you a peek into my week!

Sunday started with my Autism Awareness 5K.  I had a blast!  I haven't run since the fall so I was really proud of myself and my time!  My girlfriends and I loved supporting this wonderful cause and the opportunity for some girl talk!  I also won the top giveaway - Cardinal's tickets!  I was so excited!!!!

I know I posted about this last Five for Friday...but I'm going to do it again!  Bloodline is the best!  And a new season is starting May 27th!  The countdown is on!  If you haven't watched it yet, do it now!  It's on Netflix!  Sooooo good!

Our week was BUSY!  Kindergarten music concerts were this week!  My class performed one night and my daughter's class performed another.  It was so fun seeing all of the kiddos perform their little hearts out!   They have worked so hard preparing and practicing!  

I love this time of year!  The world is full of little science lessons for my kiddos.  We planted flowers this week and they are so excited to begin watching them grow!  To demonstrate how roots suck up water and carry it up the stem and into the leaves, we did a little experiment with celery this week.  I colored some water and set some celery stalks in it over night.  My kids loved to see the change!  I am excited for their excitement in learning!

This coming week, we will be starting our Turtle Animal study.  

To kick off our unit, a friend of mine that works for the Missouri Conversation Department brought in two turtles for my class to observe.  

She brought in a Musk Turtle.

And a Common Snapping Turtle.

The students were AMAZED and I heard "This is the best day ever!" about 50 times!  LOL.  After we observed the turtles and asked questions we completed this observation form from First Grade Blue Skies.  It was great to see their thinking!

This form is part of a free pack in her store!  Here's the link to download!  Don't forget to leave her some love!  She did a great job!

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