Tuesday, March 15, 2016

St. Patrick's Day Freebie!

Happy Tuesday friends!  I think I am finally beginning to recover from a long weekend and daylight savings so I'm here to bring you a little St. Patrick's Day FREEBIE!

I recently attended the Conference on the Young Years at the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri.  This is such a great local conference and I try to go every year when school funds allow.  :)

This year I was able to take one of the new Kindergarten teachers in our building and it was so much fun getting to know her on a more personal level and spending time with her learning and growing!  

While I don't have many pictures (I was too busy learning, listening, shopping, and panicking about my own presentation to get many pictures) - I did have a WONDERFUL time!  

If you are reading this and attended my session, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

While I was very nervous to present to such a large group about student goals and hands on literacy - you all were super supportive and interactive and I genuinely had a great time talking with you all!

To celebrate success at the conference and success that I've survived two days back at school after being off for three plus daylight savings....I have a FREEBIE!

Students will match rhyming gold coins then work to sort them into the different word family pots of gold.  My students loved them and I hope yours do too!  Just click on the picture below to download!  

Have a great rest of the week!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

It's March!!!

Soooo it's March.  When did that happen?  The beginning of this month has been crazy busy.  Our week was jam packed with family events, doctor appointments, and Seuss fun!  Here's what we were up to!

Starting off with double dipping....my Currently blog post from Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade had a great question this month!

Listening - Fuller House.  Have y'all seen it?  It's UH-MAZING! And my daughter is obsessed!  Love that I can share this with her!

Loving - The weather!  I'm so over cold weather and snow.  I want summer!!!

Thinking - The weather is so nice this weekend, the girls and I need some outdoor time!

Wanting - I'm presenting at a conference this week coming up and I need to finish my presentation.  I need some motivation!  Or coffee....

Needing - A CAREFREE DAY!  After this busy week, honestly I am worn out and could use a mental break day.

Polling Site - Is your school a polling site?  Nope!  And thank goodness it isn't!  Having extra adults in our building during class party days and conferences makes me nervous enough.  I can't imagine having extra people in our building who had nothing to do with our building in there as well!  Eeeek!

This week we celebrated Seuss!  I saw this super cute idea on Pinterest (maybe Facebook) and I loved it!  We took each book we read and focused on a word family.  My kiddos love word families!  We made a big poster that we added to each day.

The kiddos also had their own mini version we added to each day.  At the end of the week they had a whole paper they could take home and read to their parents!

On Thursday we read One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.  I had these letter fish from back in my preschool days so I broke them out for a little 'Fishing for CVC Words'.  I called out a CVC word and the student had to find the right fish and spell the word.  The other students had white boards and used the word in a sentence on their white board.  

On Tuesday, we read Hop on Pop.  Afterward we had a little fun with popcorn sight word BINGO!  

We also had fun with other Seuss themed activities like making green eggs and ham (no picture - teacher fail!)  and drawing the Cat in the Hat!  This was a freebie from First Grade Blue Skies (here's the link!) and the kiddos LOVED it!  They then had to answer the writing prompt, "Would you tell your mom if the Cat in the Hat came to your house?"  I loved their answers!

Wednesday was kind of a special day for me!  Our Kindergarten team hosted a My Hero and Me family involvement activity this week.  Students could invited one grown up (their hero) to come and play with them at school.  We set up tables full of activities that would typically be found in learning centers.  It was a chance for parents and grandparents to see exactly what their student is doing at school.  

Since we have six Kindergarten classrooms, we divided up three days and had two classroom invites grown ups each day.  It provided an opportunity for me to play with Madi!  It was fun to be able to be mom at school and interact with Madi while she learns!  So blessed to have those opportunities!  

So I have to share this with you....although I hate it.  The first two pictures where taken about a year and half ago.  At that point, my youngest was a year and half and I was still holding on to baby weight.  At the end of that summer I decided to try Beach Body.  A friend of mine asked me to join a free, online challenge group so I bit the bullet and did it.  The first program I started with was Focus T25.  It rocked!  I've done the program off and on since then and in the past month and a half signed up to be a coach myself to help others and provide myself with accountability.  I've lost a little over ten pound, my health is SO MUCH BETTER and I'm definitely feeling more positive about myself.  The last picture below was from this Wednesday.  I am LOVING how I feel!

Since my week was SOOOOO CRAZY, I decided I need to get organized.  My goal for this weekend is two create a couple calendars to help me stay focused.  Here's the one I will fill out for my blog and TPT store.  What do you think?  Fingers crossed this will help me stay focused!  :)

Here's to a fabulous rest of the weekend!