Monday, January 11, 2016


Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you all have had a FABULOUS day!  I'm here to tell you all about my EDITABLE Card Games!  I am super excited for this product because I really think it's going to benefit a lot of students and teachers while at the same time making learning really FUN!

There's just something about turning learning into a game!  My students are always begging to come back to my small group table to see what kind of game I have for them that week.  The pack includes 30 different thematic games - 2 themes for each month, then 6 bonus themes.

Winter Animals
Valentine's Day
Dental Health
St. Patrick's Day
Fourth of July
Nursery Rhymes
Polar Express 
Fairy Tales

Each game has 45 EDITABLE fields for you to type in whatever information you want your students to practice - letters, sight words, vocabulary words, math facts, etc.  The best part?  When you enter the information in one game, it automatically fills in for the rest!  I love this because I can personal homework for my kids without a lot of effort.  If a few boys want a dinosaur themed game, a few want pirates, and a couple of girls want a fairy tale theme, all I need to do is enter the words or math facts I need them to review in one game, the rest of the games fill in, then I print off the pages I need!

Today we played the Melted game in small group and my kiddos loved it!

Each game is designed the same to build confidence and independence as you use it throughout the year.  Gather students in a group of 3 -6. Mix up the cards and place them in a cup or basket. Students take turns choosing a card.  

If the student can read the word/letter/number or solve the equation, he/she puts the word in their ‘keep’ pile. If not, the card is placed back into the cup. 

There are cards in each game with special instructions on them –simply follow the instructions!

To end the game, I typically give my students a time limit (i.e. 10 –15 minutes) until the game is over or you can play until all cards are gone. The student with the most cards at the end wins!

Like I said, you can personalize the information on each card to match whatever you want your students to learn - CVC words, letters, math facts, sight words, vocabulary, etc.  I shared this product with the staff in my building and my music teacher is going to use it to practice rhythm and note names!  LOVE IT!  

I printed a normal size game with sight words for my small reading groups.  I then used the same game and entered addition and subtraction facts to 5.  I printed the pages two to a page for a smaller version.  I am planning home visits with my students in the next few weeks and I will be bringing each student a copy of the game for students to keep along with marshmallows to manipulate - THEY ARE STOKED!  I love that they are excited and are already familiar with the game, and - since I printed two to a page - it saves me paper!

To check out this product in my TPT store you can click on any of the pictures below!  Lucky for you, it is on SALE until Wednesday evening.  That means you can get 30 games (enough for the ENTIRE YEAR) for less than $0.50 a piece - you can't beat that!  I'm all about a good bargain!  :)

If you would like a chance to WIN a free copy for you and a friend, head on over to my Facebook page to enter to win!  My daughters will choose a winner tomorrow night!

I hope you and your students find this as valuable as I do!  Happy Monday!

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