Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Sight Word Sale plus a FREEBIE!

Can you feel it?  That pressure coming on?  It seems as though when the holiday season comes around, there is more to do and never enough time to do it.  The same holds true for my classroom.  Mid-quarter is just around the corner which means assessments, formatives and report cards are looming.  Not to mention student attention starts dropping as thoughts of turkey, Santa and winter break start appearing.  So what can you do to hold student attention and make them motivated to learn?  Make it fun!  

One of the resources I use in my classroom is my Superhero Sight Words.  Each student has their own ring of sight words that we've learned (as well as up to two weeks of words ahead of schedule).  When my students have downtime, they get out their sight words and practice.  They also get out their sight words and practiced their words when they come to my guided reading table.  

For every word that the student reads correctly, I place a stamp on it.  We then work to create a goal for the number of words they read correctly the next time I check their words.  I typically try to check every other week.

When students make progress, I fill out a mini certificate that let's their parents know I checked up on their child's words and this is how they're doing!  The kiddos are SO PROUD to take these home!  And it's a great parent communication piece.  

Check out my Superhero Sight Words in my TPT store by clicking the picture below! 

I also use a variety of sight words games and activities throughout the year to keep students engaged and excited about practicing their words.  To help you out, I am putting my Superhero Sight Words and all of my sight word games ON SALE until Thursday night!  Below are three great resources to check out!  Click on the pictures for a closer look!

With holidays coming up, money can be tight. about a FREEBIE?  I created this fun Thanksgiving themed game for you to use with your kiddos in small group!  Here's how you play:

To begin, give each student a copy of the recording sheet.  Then place the sight word turkeys upside down in a pile.  Determine who goes first.  When it is a player’s turn, students will draw a sight word card from the pile.  If the student reads the word correctly, he/she will use a paperclip and the spinner card to spin a number.  The student will then color that number of circles on their recording sheet.  The first player to color all of their circles and get their turkey to be Thanksgiving dinner is the winner!  

  Click here to download and enjoy!

Last, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for their kind words and support.  Opening up and sharing what's been going on personally was hard but the sweet messages definitely lifted my spirits!  Y'all are the best!  

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