Wednesday, July 8, 2015

TPT Seller Challenge: Week 3!

Happy Wednesday Friends!  I hope your summer is fabulous and everyone is getting some rest!  Between summer school and my girls, summer has been exhausting!  Fun yes, but exhausting!  I have been spending some 'me' time this week, shopping and hanging out with friends and enjoying some time with my family.  It has really helped me decompress and recharge my batteries!  Which means I was ready to tackle a big job today!  

The Week 3 TPT Seller's Challenge has been looming on my TO DO list for a while now.  The challenge was to create a new product (free or paid) for your store.  I knew right away what I wanted to work on.  My Write the Room centers!  I worked hard during the school year to create monthly Write the Room centers that were differentiated and could be used for a longer period of time and for a variety of learners.  However, there were times life simply got in the way and it didn't get done!  I missed a month or two here and there.  Well no more!  I finished up every month and then bundled them into one large product!  I am so excited!

I absolutely love these Write the Rooms!  It's such a great way to get students UP AND MOVING!!! The goal with this write the room product is to provide you and your students with a fun and purposeful activity that could last for a longer period of time while still keeping kids engaged. Simply hang up one set of cards at the beginning of the month and print the recording sheets of your choice. I have provided a number of different recording sheets for you to choose from. These sheets are in varying levels of difficulty and you can use them a variety of ways. (1) Provide children with all of them and let them choose which sheet(s) to complete. (2) Choose 2 or 3 sheets for each week during the month for children to complete. (3) Assign children a specific page(s) to complete.

For a closer look at the BUNDLE just click on the picture below! 

To celebrate marking this big project off of my TO DO list, I am putting it on SALE until Friday at midnight!  

AND I'm putting my individual month sets on sale until then too!  To check out my newest ones, click on the pictures below!

Whew!  Now, onto that laundry I didn't do today....

Have a good night friends!



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