Saturday, July 18, 2015

Five for Friday - Summer Style

Happy Saturday y'all!  What is it about the weekend?  Even during the summer, the weekend holds so much promise for fun and relaxation, and time to get things done!  Since I've had a productive week, I'm cutting myself some slack this weekend and making time for just enjoying!  My girls and I had a yummy breakfast with my family this morning and are hitting up a pool party/birthday party this afternoon!  Ahhhh!  Summer!  I hope you all are taking time to relax as well!  Here's a glimpse at what's been going on!

Since school will be here before we know it, I decided to jump back into it.  I have a little window in between my room being waxed and our hallway being waxed where I can get in and get started.  I started the process this past week and set up my classroom.  I am super excited!  Here are some pictures of my classroom library.  I am loving this new rug from Lowe's and my new red and white striped canvas bin from Target - it holds my Seuss themed reading buddies for my Kinders to cuddle with.  

I also bought (and assembled!) this new cart from Target to hold my extra classroom supplies.  The plastic drawer shelf I previously had wasn't cutting it and I like how this is on wheels and can be moved pretty easy!  Yay!

Speaking of classroom set up, I'm thinking of doing a Periscope segment on it.  Are you all on Periscope?  What do you think of it?  I'm currently having a love/hate relationship with it.  I mean, I LOVE watching other bloggers.  It's exciting to see their personalities come through and get to 'meet' them - especially since I wasn't able to go to Vegas!  On the other hand, there is always the fear of failing.  What if I look like an idiot?  What if no one really wants to hear what I have to say?  Do I have anything worthwhile to discuss?  

I just watched a scope with Ashley Schroeder from Schroeder's Shenanigan's.  She encouraged bloggers to scope about what they are PASSIONATE about.  People want to get excited about what you are excited about!  She is really passionate about this new platform for teachers to be able to connect and, honestly, I think this could change the way we collaborate!  

I'm really thinking about giving it a try - despite my fear of being a complete moron - however....I'm a little camera shy...I don't even really like selfies!  EEEEK!  I am a mentor to one of our new kindergarten teachers this year and I've been helping her set up her classroom.  I LOVE helping other teachers organize and set up their room, so I thought this might be something good to scope about?  Thoughts?

My sister is one of the closest people I have in my life.  We've had a lot of fun so far this summer spending extra time together.  So when she left me for a week to go on vacation I was totally lost!  Of course, we talked everyday but I missed that crazy girl!  While she was away, she got me this sweet shirt.  How thoughtful is she?  I've been reminded multiple times this week of the blessings I have and that God has a plan for me!  

These girls!!!!!  Speaking of blessed am I by these two?  They may make me crazy, but they make my heart full.  Love my mini-me's!

So I have a super big surprise in store for everyone!  I've been working this summer on envisioning what I want my blog/business to look like.  Where I want it to go.  What I want it to say about me.  Big changes are coming and I can't be more excited! I can't give you any more details now, but hopefully soon!  Cheers! 



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