Thursday, July 30, 2015

A Colorful FREEBIE!

Could it really be?  Is it really July 30th?  Where did the summer go?  I have been busy getting my classroom ready and I plan on doing a big reveal soon - maybe even a Periscope appearance?.... 

But until then, I thought I would share a few of the things I've been working on.  The first is a FREEBIE!  Years ago I bought a super cute set of color word paint cans that I loved.  However, they have seen better days.  This year I decided I wanted something cute, but a lot simpler.  I've already hung these color posters in my classroom and let me tell ya, they are ADORABLE!  If you want a copy, just click on the red poster below!  I hope you enjoy them!

I've also been hard at work thinking about student goals.  There is a big push right now regarding student goals and I wanted a fun and kid-friendly way to do this with my Kinders.  This pack includes 5 different target standards for Kinders including:

Writing First and Last Name
Identifying Upper and Lowercase Letters
Reading Word Wall Words
Counting to 100
Personal Goal

You can use these forms to set personal and attainable goals for each standard during each quarter.  Giving children power over their goals is SO POWERFUL.  In the past, I have worked with students to set small goals regarding word wall words.  When a student sets the goal and is actively involved in achieving it, it is such a joy to watch!  

I have plans to add more standards as I finish them - including letter sounds/decodable words and evaluating early writing skills.  I will hopefully get those finished soon!  In the meantime, this product is going to be 50% until tomorrow night!  Snag it while it's hot by clicking on the picture below!  :)

I guess it's back to work for me now.  Although I can't really complain.  My current view is a Starbucks cafe and Friends on Netflix as I work the afternoon away.  :)  

Until next time!