Monday, May 18, 2015

Argh! Pirates and Clowns!

Ahoy Matey's!  It's the end of the year and with only eight days left I'm feeling a little slap happy!  This week we are walking the plank right into some pirate fun!  (See what I did there?  Slap happy...)  Anywho, here are my plans!  We have a Junior Achievement representative coming to visit our room every day so we switched our schedule around.  I felt my kiddos needed some more practice time with different math skills so we will be some math rotations using Amanda Myer from A Special Kind of Classroom's Pirate Math Work Stations.  We will rotations the stations from table to table throughout the week for extra practice counting, adding, subtracting and graphing!

Since, we are all caught up on learning sight words, for our last full week we are in review mode.  Instead of creating a full shared reading set, I just created a pirate themed big book and small black and white student reader.  I LOVE this clipart from Krista at Creative Clips.  I just couldn't help myself!  I HAD to buy it!  This is a FREEBIE for y'all this week (since I didn't do a full shared reading set.)  To download it just click on the pictures below!

For a little end of the year fun, we are making a different craft each day.  Today was pirate puppets from  Our custodian has been saving paper towel tubes all year (she knows us kindergarten teachers so well!) so we used these for our puppets.  How cute are these?!  

To incorporate some learning and word work, I created this short little 'reader's theater' style play for my kiddos to act out with their puppets.  So funny!  We read through it a few times with our partners and then switched to a new partner.  They were all very excited to take their page home to practice with mom and dad!  

To help you out, this is also a part of that FREEBIE download as well!  It is at the end of the file so just keep on scrolling!  You can get it by clicking the pictures below!  

Now that DRA's are OVER (ALLELUIA!) and my testing and report cards are almost complete, it's time to really begin on summer school stuff.  Unfortunately, with the snow we don't get much of a break in between (only 3 days - and most of those have been booked with meetings).  This means I need to be on it in the next two weeks getting plans made, resources created and printed, and items purchased.  WHEW!  

A friend that I am working with requested a Circus themed pack to use with her kiddos this summer and I just crossed it off my TO DO list.  This Silly Centers packet is loaded with 11 different ELA centers and 7 different math centers!  If you are looking for a fun end of the year pack or a pack for some summer school fun, this is it! 

What's even better is that it's 20% off until Wednesday morning!  Love it!  Check it out by clicking HERE!  

Well this tired/slap happy teacher has got some more work to do.  Ain't no tired like end of the year teacher I right?

Talk to you soon!



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