Sunday, April 12, 2015


Once again it is Sunday night.  The GORGEOUS weekend is over and I am preparing for another week.  Typically, I don't mind going back to school Monday mornings.  Yes, it's back to the craziness of mornings trying to get two girls ready and out the door on time, too many meetings, spring fever and a never ending to do list, but it brings a sense of normalcy and accomplishment to life to go to school and teach my 26 Kinder babies each week.  This week, however, is the dreaded TESTING week.  The week that, let's be honest, is NO FUN.  This past Friday, we took a practice test to get ready for our cognitive testing that will take place Tuesday - Friday mornings this week.  I emphasized being absolutely quiet and filling in the small bubbles completely - making sure to stay in the lines - both of which go against every fiber of how I learned to be a teacher and who I am as a teacher.  Ugh.  My poor babies.  Testing week is testing week.  We take our tests.  We do our very best.  We move on.

On top of testing, we have three days of Spring Concert practice scheduled.  The big night is next week but we give our Kinders lots of practice time on top of the risers.  :)

To help my students and to give them a little break, I have planned a rather fun week outside of the testing time.  This week we are beginning our author study of Eric Carle.  I absolutely love his books - they lend themselves to so many wonderful activities!  Here is a peek at what we have planned!  Click on my plans to download!

We will be ready some of my favorite Eric Carle books including:

Little Cloud - We will be doing some shaving cream and glue painting to go with it!

The Grouchy Ladybug - We will be talking about time and writing about what makes us grouchy.  

Plus we will be doing this so sweet Pinterest inspired craftivity!

Pancakes!  Pancakes! - Then OF COURSE we are making pancakes!  YUM!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar - We will practice sequencing the story and identifying the days of the week using this activity from!

Walter the Baker - We will cook again by making homemade PRETZELS!  The best part?  We will make them into the shape of the first letter of our name!  Eeeek!

I can't wait to read these books with my kiddos this week!  

We will also make sure to squeeze in some time for shared reading to practice the words 'was' and 'funny' and to practice sorting "silly" and "real" words (Aimsweb testing is coming up!).  We will be using my new Shared Reading set to do this!

We will also be practicing our sight words using our Superhero Sight Words!  My kiddos are loving them!  For a more detailed post about them check it out HERE!  These are still on sale until late tonight!  :)

Well I have a long week ahead of me so I better get to bed soon!  Happy Sunday y'all!



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  1. Kids and their crazy ideas for holiday fun. Well last weekend my kid’s had a trip in their Phoenix pre-k. They were really excited in morning and enjoyed the day with their friends. How cute it seems like small kids went on trip with teachers.