Sunday, April 5, 2015

Linkin Up Literacy

Happy Easter everyone!  It's nap time here (the food coma has set in...) so I have a chance to tell you some exciting news!  I am FINALLY done with my "Linkin' Up Literacy" product.  I've posted a few 'teaser' pictures so I know some of you have been waiting so patiently!  ;)  

Here the scoop!  My students LOVE anything they can move and manipulate (don't most kids?) and a lot of my little still need some fine motor practice.  This product provides just that!   By using math links, students connect different cards that have been printed onto card stock, laminated and hole punched.  

Students will.....

Match Upper and Lowercase Letters

Match Beginning Sounds

Spell CVC Words

Spell Magic 'e' Words

Sort Pictures by Digraph

Sort Pictures by Beginning Blend

Spell Sight Words

Make Compound Words 

Match the Correct Punctuation and Picture to Emergent Reader Sentences

How fun?!  This pack will be on sale until Tuesday night!  Grab it for some exciting, hands on literacy practice!




  1. Hi Rachel! Your new set looks great and I have it in my cart. Just wondering how many pages it is in total, and how many sets there are of each activity. It might be there and I missed it. I don't know if I have any of those kind of links, but I'll borrow some. Thanks for posting! Kathleen
    Kidpeople Classroom

  2. Hey Kathleen! The pack is 59 pages total. Here's what it covers:

    all 26 upper and lowercase letters
    all 26 beginning sounds
    5 pages of CVC words (15 total words)
    4 pages of Magic 'e' words (12 total words)
    2 pages of compound words (8 total words)
    4 digraphs (sh, th, wh, and ch)
    5 pages of beginning blends (15 blends total)
    6 pages of sight words (24 words total)
    5 pages of emergent reader sentences (15 sentences total)

    Hope this helps!!!

    1. Whoot! They are a great value. Thanks for including all you get! I bought them and left a full review- your first for these! Love em! See you later. Kathleen