Thursday, March 19, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Wrap Up

Happy belated St. Patrick's Day! Hope y'all enjoyed some green themed festivities! 

To kick off our day we played our always fun game "Leprechaun Leprechaun Where's Your Gold?" sight word game. For an extra challenge, I included all of the words from first-third quarter (this also provided a lot of differentiation and allowed my lower students to target the words they knew and were comfortable with). My student teacher, Ms. Ehlers, hid the 'gold coin' behind one of the pots of gold. Each student took a turn pointing to a pot of gold (using our leprechaun pointer) and reading the word. We then checked behind it to see if the coin was there. Their faces each time were hilarious! The suspense!!!! 

Our game lasted FOREVER this time, much longer than normal. For the first time in the history of me playing these types of games with my kids...the gold coin was hidden behind the very last pot of gold.  Can you believe it?! I couldn't. it was quite entertaining to hear their reactions as we played. "Only eight more choices!" "Only five more choices!" Crack. Me. Up. 

This game is actually a FREEBIE of mine and you can grab it HERE

Next, we read this so sweet story about a grumpy leprechaun who learns that friendship is worth more than a pot of gold. My kiddos were really in tune to the story and we worked hard talking about the lesson Mack the leprechaun learned. 

All the discussion about what Mack learned led us to create our own anchor chart of things we feel are more important than gold. Look at their responses. I seriously have the sweetest class y'all. I simply love them. 

Next, using our anchor chart we worked to do our own writing about what we personally feel is worth more than gold. 

Some chose everything....

While others chose a few...

Either way their writing turned out completely adorable. 

Finally, to pair with their writing when I hang it in the hall, each kiddo had their picture taken with a leprechaun hat and beard. I so wish I could show you this sweet boy's face. UH-DORABLE. 

Well that's a wrap on St. Patrick's Day. We are now hard at work studying nursery rhymes. Today was an experiment with a little egg named Humpty Dumpty....more to come!!!! 



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