Monday, March 30, 2015

Peek at My Week - Easter Style

Oh man it is HARD. TO. GET. MOTIVATED. this week!  This week was supposed to be our week for Spring Break.  Originally we only had school on Monday and Tuesday and then we were supposed to be until next Wednesday.  However....that s-word came back in February and took most of our break!  We are here all days except Friday and next Monday.  Alas....I guess I should post my plans!  

This week we are studying Easter and all it's jellybean goodness!  We will be doing two activities involving jellybeans (YUM!) and two involving Peeps!  We will also be wrapping up our 3D shape and position word work in math, emphasizing what good writers do in writing, and working on the new words 'help' and 'saw'.  To download my plans, just click on the picture below!  Then you can click on any of the pictures to download the product or a link to it!  :)

We will be using my new Easter egg themed shared reading set to practice 'help' and 'saw' plus color words, sentence structure and s- blends!  Click on the picture below to check it out!

Since Wednesday is the first of April, I have my new Differentiated April Write the Room ready to go!  It includes Easter, Earth Day, plants and bugs!  So fun!  It will be on SALE until Wednesday night!  Click on the picture below for the link!

Well that's enough for this Monday!  Have a good week y'all!



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