Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Peek at My Week with FREEBIES!

Yea, yea, yea....it's Tuesday and I'm just now giving you a Peek at My Week.  Let's just say with all of the snow days....I "Let It Go!"  School that is...and all the worry that came with it!  It has taken me a bit to get back into the swing of things but now that we've got two days under our belt - I feel like we are back to normal!  Here's a peek at what we've been up to and what we have planned for the rest of the week!  To download my plans, just click on the pictures below.  Once you're in, you can click on any resource picture to be taken to the product.  

If you are wondering what the pink is for - that's when my student teacher Ms. Ehlers teaches!  It's so wonderful having a student teacher!  So much more time for differentiation and small group instruction!  Today we did small group re-teaching with rhyming and it was a BLAST!  Have you all seen this fun little game?  I got it through one of the Scholastic book orders.  We played it as a memory style game.  If the students turned over two cards that rhymed they were able to feed them to the little old lady!  TOO FUN!

Earlier this week I posted on Instagram about the need to actually write those plans down...they are in our heads right?  Well I received a lot of great feedback about being interested in the template!  Welp - here you go!  Just click on the picture to download!  I am *hoping* that the font was able to embed like I wanted - fingers crossed!  It's saved as a PowerPoint file so you all can edit and change things as needed!  Hope you find it helpful!  :)

I also posted this week about my new floor line up!  This is a great and easy way to practice sight word identification during transitions.  I put our third quarter sight words on the floor using packing tape.  When it is time to line up, I either hand out (or students grab from a bucket) small, matching cards that tell them what word to line up on.  There is no fighting over spots.  We aren't always standing next to our best friend.  Win!  Win!  We usually carry them to our next location (specials, assemblies, etc. - this is a GREAT fidget for the hallway!) and as we enter the room, the students hand the card to me and read the word.  Easy peasy!  

If you would like a copy for to help brighten your room you can download it as a FREEBIE by clicking the picture below!  I have included the pre-primer dolch plus added a blank page for your own words.  There is also a matching nameplate for your desks and tables!  

If you need a tip on how to turn the big cards for the floor into smaller cards to pass out to students - just follow my directions below!  It's super simple!  :)

I hope these FREEBIES are useful to you in your room to help you stay organized and sane while we wait for spring!  Here's to hoping it warms up soon! 



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