Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Birthday Weekend in St. Louis, Plus a Peek at My Week

Sooooo apparently it's Tuesday?  When did that happen?  Honestly, this weekend flew by so fast I blinked and I was back at work.  I guess I was too busy having fun!  I recently turned the big 3-0 and I am blessed that I was able to celebrate it by spending the weekend in St. Louis.  The weekend was full of so many wonderful moments and memories.  What a great way to turn the dirty thirty!  ;)  

We visited two St. Louis staples.  First up - I went to visit the St. Louis Arch and even traveled to the top for the first time!

The view was AMAZING!  I was able to see across St. Louis.  Check out Busch Stadium!!!!!

Then, we had a great time ice skating at Steinberg's outdoor ice rink in Forest Park.  I am NOT an ice skater - I bit it more than once - but I had so much fun trying!

I also had the chance to enjoy some wonderful food!  We enjoyed an 'adult beverage' and some nachos at Ballpark Village.  (So fun by the way!  If you are a baseball fan you need to visit!)

We had dinner at Dominic's on the Hill Saturday night- yummy Italian food and a chance to dress up!

And then had some pasta at the Broadway Oyster Bar.  SO GOOD and the coolest place.  So much character!  Records on the ceiling.  Great music.  Awesome staff.  Definitely a place to check out!

One of the biggest highlights of my weekend was celebrating turning 30 by doing something I've wanted to do for a LONG time - get a tattoo!  I finally did it!

This year is a year of big changes for my family and the arrows represent moving forward, focused toward a happier future.  I am in LOVE.  I must admit, I was scared y'all.  I mean, needles....ugh.  But Anna at TRX Tattoo was AMAZING.  I simply love her.  She made the whole experience so great.  If you are in the STL area and are wanting to get a tattoo go see her!!!

It wasn't ALL fun and games this weekend though.  I did sneak in a visit to The Teacher's Lounge where I picked up this fun little game for my small groups.

It's made by Learning Resources and my kiddos are going to love it!  You use different bolts and screws to build CVC words - turning and manipulating the bolts to create several different words.  It isn't more hands on than this!  #winning

The weekend was EXACTLY what I needed.  Relaxing, fun, HAPPY.  It flew by way too quickly, which is why it's Tuesday and I'm just now posting my 'Peek at my Week'.  Ooooops!  Let's blame it on the holiday shall we?

Here are my plans for the week.  We are focusing on seasons and doing some word work with run, ran, and play.  Click on the picture to download my plans.  Once there, click on any picture to go to the resource!

I am using my new Whole Group Shared Reading Week 20 set which I just uploaded and bundled with weeks 17-19.  To grab the set individually or with the bundle click on the pictures below!

It's going to be a busy week getting back into a routine!  My Madi is finally back at school after having her tonsils and adenoids out.  There are no more holidays or days off.  Time to get back at it!  Hope y'all have a great week!



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