Sunday, November 2, 2014

It's November.....

....say what?!  Can you believe that it's NOVEMBER?  Did we really just have Halloween?! (Cuties, aren't they?)

Literally, my jaw is on the floor.  This year is flying by.  In a way, as a mommy, that's exciting!  But the teacher in me thinks, "Oh no!  We have SOOOOO much to learn! Is there enough time?!"  I just have to take a step back.  Breathe.  And remember.  There is.  I just have to be meaningful with my plans and activities.  One of the easy and quick ways we get A LOT of work in, in a short amount of time is Michael Heggerty's Phonemic Awareness Book (or the blue book as my kid's fondly call it!).  We absolutely ADORE this book!  There is literally NO PREP involved - which I love, and my kids are making big improvements in their phonemic awareness skills - which we ALL love!

The book is broken into 35 weeks.  Each day is lined out with different phonemic awareness tasks such as identifying letter sounds, beginning sounds, ending sounds, medial sounds, and substituting phonemes.  

We begin each session by identifying letters and letter sounds, then move into manipulating different sounds and parts in words.  (These word cards are a FREEBIE from Abby over at Babbling Abby.  Grab them by clicking HERE!)  Since these tasks (and phonemic awareness in general) are all auditory, I help out my visual learners by using hand signals.  For example, right now we are working on taking apart and putting together compound words (practice for taking apart and putting together CVC words).  I will hold out a hand for each word and then put my hands together for the compound word.  Example: I say, "dog" (hold up right hand), "house" (hold up left hand) - KIDS REPEAT - then we all put hands together and say "doghouse".  If I get brave enough, my plan is to make a video to show y'all.  If I get brave enough. 

We started a little late with the book this year so we aren't on the 'correct' week, but I have seen so much improvement in letter i.d. and phonemic awareness skills in the past few weeks.  It is so encouraging to see.  One of the best parts, since you don't need any materials, you can literally do it ANYWHERE - waiting at the bathrooms, in hall awaiting pictures for picture day, etc.  If you have a chance to grab this book, I definitely would.  My principal purchased a book for each Kindergarten teacher a few years ago and it was one of the best investments!

Since it's Sunday, I am linking up with Deedee and sharing my plans again this week.  

This week we are focusing on fall. Click on my plans below to download them!

We will be reading a lot about the changes that happen this season and hopefully get some hands on experience investigating leaves up close.  We will also be breaking out the magnets and doing some hands on work in science.  I found this sweet product on TPT and it will be perfect!

I also plan on doing some fun projects with my kids this week to celebrate the beauty of the season!

I will also be working on some new projects myself! With the holiday season coming up, I want to be ahead of the game.  I was able to get a good start this weekend.  I just uploaded my next two shared reading weeks - weeks 13 and 14 - as well as a new differentiated write the room set for November!  Check them out by clicking on the pictures below!


I am also working on a new CVC puzzle product, a fall themed word work set, and some Thanksgiving resources!  Too excited!!!!

Everyone enjoy your first week of November!!!



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