Sunday, October 12, 2014

Busy Busy Girl I'm so sorry I've been MIA for the past week.  This girl has been BUSY!!!!  I've had a lot of projects I've been working on - a pumpkin pack, emergent readers, end of quarter assessments for my kiddos, typical school 'stuff'', plus being a momma and a wife.  Did I mention an ear infection?  Oh yeah, that too.  Whew.  

Today I've been up at school (for what seems like FOREVER!) working to get things done.  I am actually happy about beginning a brand new week.  My goal this week?  To get ahead.  I will NOT be coming into school next weekend.  I will not.  I will not.  I will not.  (If I say it enough it comes true, right?)  Next weekend is the hubby's birthday and our annual trip to the pumpkin patch with the kiddos.  My plan is to be totally sucked into family and my girls.  ALL.  WEEKEND.  So here's to a productive week!  

Linking up again with Mrs. Deedee to share my plans with you.  Click on the picture below to download the plans and then access any of the products by clicking on the picture.  This week we are jumping into our pumpkin unit.  Too fun!  This unit is right up there with apples for me and I am super excited!  I have some fun pumpkin activities and experiments planned - lots of good science opportunities!

I also get to use my new Pumpkin Patch Fun unit!  I think my kiddos are going to love this set!  I've included a lot of hands on activities!

Here's a peek at what's inside!  

Students will match upper and lowercase letters then link them together using math manipulatives (fine motor work!).

Students will arrange fall words in alphabetical order.

Students will use letter beads to build sight words (fine motor work!).  There is a blank page to add your own words!

Students will identify the beginning sound off the pictures on the pumpkins.

Students will spin the spinner and find a picture that begins with that sound - then color it.  (I also have an ending sounds spinner - no picture - blogger fail!)

Students will identify the missing vowel in a CVC word and sort cards based on that vowel.

Students will read emerging reader sentences and find a picture that matches. 

Students will unscramble sight words and find the sight word spelled correctly.  They will then clip them together with a clothespin (fine motor work!).

 Students will use magnifying glasses to find hidden sight words and record the words they find.

Students will use these cute fall decorative pieces (Target dollar spot!) to find different ways to make a number (I have included ways to make numbers up to 20).

Students will play Share, Share, Compare. Player A and Player B will each put a number down.  They will then compare the numbers and discuss what they know about them (3 is less than 6, 6 is more than 3).

Students will use play dough to make the beginning letter of fall words as well as numbers and amounts 1-10. 

Finally, I included four different fall themed foldable books for students to practice independent reading.  

This Pumpkin Patch Fun pack is 20% until Tuesday!  Grab it now

I also created this fun little homework activity to review numbers we've previously learned (this is not included in my pumpkin pack).  Grab it as a FREEBIE by clicking the picture below!  Parents will scan the QR code with their phone or tablet.  The song "Way Up High in the Apple Tree" by Learning Station will play and the kiddos will manipulate their apples and numbers along with the song.  Fun!

These aren't the only things that have kept me busy this week.  A teacher friend of mine who used my "Back to School Literacy and Math Centers" loved the emergent readers in the pack and requested that I make more!  Who doesn't love emergent readers?!  I know I do!!!!!  I currently have two sets that I've created.  These sets are completely black and white and contain to books per page.  Simply print, copy, cut and staple.  These are ideal for morning work, literacy centers, and homework.  They are designed to be completed independently and have a self check page at the back of the book!  You can check out each set by clicking the pictures below!

Both of my emergent reader sets are 20% off until tomorrow night!

Whew!  I don't think I can say that enough!  This girl is going to spend the evening snuggled with her babies and watching a movie with her hubby!  Enjoy your Saturday all!  



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