Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Apples, Apples Up on Top!

Yesterday, we read one of my FAVORITE apple themed books - Ten Apples Up On Top!  We used it to discuss comparing different amounts using the terms greater and fewer.  We discussed the varying amounts throughout the story then we got to practice balancing bean bags on our own heads!  Each kiddo rolled a die and we stacked that number of beanbags on each of their heads and then compared the stacks. Too fun!

To take the learning a step further, I introduced my students to Mr. Alligator.  Isn't he adorable?!  

We used him to begin practicing greater than and less than symbols.  Mr. Alligator likes to eat the apples that are 'more' - he's really hungry!!!  We practiced rolling the die and stacking the apples on each head and eating the bigger amount.

When then transitioned into writing the symbols (with teeth of course!).  They were totally engaged!  We talked about what to do if the amounts are the same - Mr. Alligator is confused!   He shakes his head back and forth and says "I don't know!"  Then we drew two lines (=).  They totally got it!

For independent practice I divided my kids into four groups.  We practiced rolling our own dice and drawing and comparing apples.  Two of my groups practiced writing the symbols (one used only one die and one group used two).  My other two groups had to circle the greater amount and put an X on the fewer one (one used only one die and one group used two).

This activity is my FREEBIE of the day and includes all four papers!  To grab it, click the picture below!!!



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