Thursday, October 30, 2014


October is coming to an end and I am feeling so blessed.  So many of you have reached out to me in different ways this month - it's been incredible.  I have gained so many new followers, that I thought I would celebrate with a little SALE!!!

I also want to give you a little FREEBIE!  We recently carved pumpkins at home and at school and I kept all of the gorgeous seeds from them.  I usually use the seeds for counting, measuring, etc. but not really for anything ELA related.  So I thought, why not making letters with them!

I gave our seeds a good scrub down and baked them in the oven on a low temp for about 20 minutes (turning them over half way).  They were good and dry and easy to work with by the time I was finished.  Then I grabbed an old cookies container I had saved from Halloween party a few years ago - one of those containers that store bought cookies come on.  I just knew I would need it for something!  #iamnotahoarder

Anyway, I covered the pumpkin 'plate' with the seeds and let me Madi get to work.  First she practiced making letters in the seeds.

Then, she practiced a few sight words.

Finally, she used the card to build letters - this was her favorite!

I hope your students love this as much as I do!

Snag this FREEBIE by clicking the picture below!  And thanks for checking it out!!!



Sunday, October 26, 2014

Wicked Word Work!!!

It's Sunday night...I should totally be in bed.  Unfortunately, I'm not.  I spent a lot of time being a mommy this weekend so now it's time to get caught up!  We had a family wedding we went to Saturday night.  So much fun!  

My girls LOVE to dance so keeping them entertained until the music part of the evening was...interesting.  :)  Seriously.  She moved ALL night!

My Madi is starting to really notice more and ask more in different situations.  This is the second wedding we've been too in the past few months and she's becoming really interested in this whole 'getting married' thing.  During the Father/Daughter dance, she asked what was going on.  I explained, "Well, when a girl gets married, usually, she dances to a special song with her daddy."  "Why?" she asked.  "Because sometimes it's a little sad for a daddy to see his daughter get married."  She looked at me with these big, innocent eyes and said, "Awww!  That's the sweetest thing I ever heard!"  Crack.  Me.  Up.  

Since I'm playing catch up, I am finally linking up for a Peek at My Week! 

Here are my plans!  Just click on the pictures below to be taken to my plans!  You can then click on any of the pictures to go to the product!  

This week we will be getting back to work (last week was sooooo busy with all of our wonderful community helpers visits).  We will be focusing on Halloween and sight words - we will learn them!

Last week was busy (I can't say that enough).  One thing we introduced was labeling!  We practice, first, by labeling ME! 

Then we labeled our big pumpkin!

We will get a chance to carve our big pumpkin this week for our party so we will be labeling the inside of it this week as well.  

Last week, we also wrote words in shaving cream....

had visits from the firemen, a doctor, the mayor, policemen, a postal worker, and a bus safety presentation (whew!)

practiced reading and playing sight word games with our witch fingers....

made pumpkin applesauce muffins (YUM!)....

and....oh yeah...watched our principal and assistant principal get pies thrown in their face for United Way! 

All in a week's work right?!

My kids are super excited for the holiday, so I thought I would make learning super fun for them this week.  We will be using my new Halloween them word work product to keep things interesting!  Here's a peek at what's inside!

Monster Letter Dab - Students will draw a letter and find in on their paper.  There are options for students to match UPPERCASE to UPPERCASE, lowercase to lowercase and UPPERCASE to lowercase.

(Horrible picture!)  

Missing Letter Spider Webs - Students will fill in the missing letter.

Beginning Sounds Potions - Students will identify the beginning sound of the pictures on the potions and find the cauldron that matches.

Sweet Vowels - Students will use magnetic letters to fill in the missing vowel.

Whooooo Knows the Ending Sound - Students will use a clothespin (or button!) to mark the ending sound of a word.

Sight Words in Disguise - Students will lay out the pumpkin cards.  They then draw a ghost card and try to match the 'disguised' sight word with the correct one.

Batty CVC Puzzles - Students will match the CVC word and picture.

Spooky Mixed Up Sentences - Students will find the cards with matching pictures and put them in order to create a sentence.

Haunted Word Family Sliders - Students will slide the beginning letter up and down reading the word and finding the matching picture.

Halloween Emergent Reader Flip Book - Students will assemble and read this cute Halloween themed flip book!  (Three books to choose from!)

If you would like to grab this set, just click on the picture below!  It's 50% until Monday at lunch!!! 

I will hopefully be back later this week to fill you in on what we are doing in my classroom to reinforce phonemic awareness - and it takes hardly any time or prep!  Can't wait to share with y'all!    

Have a happy Halloween week!



Monday, October 20, 2014

Peek at My Week - Monday Edition

Today was a professional development day for us so I am posting my weekly plans a day late this week!  

We are finally doing our Community Helpers unit and throughout the week, we will be visited by several helpers in our community.  We will also be getting to some activities we never finished last week (tornado warning, sick kiddo, etc. - life happened!)  Click on the pictures below to download my plans and link to the different products!

I actually had these plans made early this time since we had such a busy and fun filled weekend planned!  Our family went to Eckert's Farm in Belleville, IL for some pumpkin patch and apple picking fun!  It's quite a drive and Madi was getting rowdy restless, so I broke out the sight words and white board - she was instantly engaged! 

She practiced writing her sight words for a while then decided she was going to write some sentences.  She came up with these sentences all by herself!  So proud of her!!!  It say, "Is it in the water?  My cup is in the water."  We haven' talked about punctuation or really sentence structure yet, so this is great for her!!!

At the pumpkin patch, Lila had her first real experience checking out the pumpkins.  She was so intrigued!  Madi and I did a mini science lesson on the pumpkin life cycle while we were there too.  What a great hands on experience!

After picking pumpkins, we headed to the apple orchard.  We love picking apples right from the tree and eating them!  I think that was Lila's favorite part!

Needless to say, we had so many goodies the girls had to help get the wagon back to the car!  What good helpers!

It was a wonderful day!

Although we had sooooo much fun at the pumpkin patch, you know a teacher's mind is always working!  On the way home from St. Louis, I HAD to stop at the local teacher store.  I picked up these Carson Dellosa mini accents and library pockets.  I made an uppercase/lowercase memory style game from the accent cards.  I then added pictures to the pockets.  Once a student matches the letters, they will find the pocket with the beginning sound.  Can't wait to do this with my kiddos!

I also picked up these sweet little bags from the Target dollar spot.  They are perfect for my Halloween and apple themed sight word games.  I just need a fall themed game now.....
Finally this weekend, I began work on a project I've been working on for a while.  I wanted something that students could use to practice letter identification and letter sounds - but I wanted to break it down in easy to practice steps.  I made this fun little 'letter a' to try out.  I like the idea of each skill/activity having it's own page.  It eliminates distractions when students are able to focus on individual tasks.  I let Madi give it a try tonight.

A is for 'alligator'.  :)

I don't feel like the book is complete so I have a favor to ask.  This activity is a FREEBIE in my TPT store!  Grab it and let me know what you would like to see added!  Are there certain skills or practice with a letter you feel your student need more of?  Let me know!  I would be happy to make that happen!

Well, I may only have four days this week with my kiddos, but they will be jam packed!  I better get ready for bed!