Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Spreading the Apple Love!

So it's apple week and, seriously, we are having so much fun!  Today we read this fabulous book Apples from Scholastic.  It had such good information that was right on my kindergartners' level.  We discussed how apples grow, the different types of apples, and the different apple parts.  

My kiddos really enjoyed the book! One of my favorite things is when they ask if it's going to be in my library! Makes my teacher heart happy!!!

To go with the book, we made a sweet little label the apple craft!  

The discussions we had while doing this craft had me rolling.  All student led - We compared the skin of an apple to our skin.  The two skins are the same, because both can be different colors.  The two skins are different, because you can eat an apple's skin but you really shouldn't eat people's skin.  Crack me up!  Straight from the mouths of babes! 

To end our day we did a little apple taste testing.  They were so excited!  I bet I heard, "Is it time to eat the apples yet?" a MILLION times!  We did the traditional red, yellow and green apple tasting.  We will be doing a little painting and writing about our favorite apple tomorrow!  In the meantime, we worked to fill out a little taste testing questionnaire!

I love how this guy just couldn't decide!!

This questionnaire is actually my little FREEBIE today for my week of apple themed freebies!  It was super easy to use and the kids loved it!  Grab it my clicking the picture below!

Check back tomorrow for a differentiated comparing numbers apple FREEBIE!



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