Sunday, September 21, 2014

Peek at My Week

AHHHHHHHHHH!  Can you say a crazy weekend!  Since school has started life has been...well...AHHHHHHHHH!  My house hasn't been cleaned, I haven't gone REAL grocery shopping and I don't really remember a moment I was able to sit and relax.  I knew that looking ahead at my calendar to the rest of this month and into October that there would be very little time to get things taken care of.  So....this weekend, I did it all!  The huge grocery shopping trip, scrubbed the house down, and actually watched a movie (A whole one!  And I didn't fall asleep!) with the hubby!  Unfortunately, I wasn't too productive on the school front!  Our internet isn't working at home (silly storm) so I'm up at school this Sunday to get some more things accomplished!  I'm linking up with the ever so fun Deedee Wills to share what we are doing this week!

We are finishing up the farm this weekend so I have so fun farm themed activities planned!  Our grade level has decided to do a big hallway display with each classroom focusing on a different part of the farm.  We are doing tractors!  We get to paint feet!  I am sooooooo excited!  Messy is the best! :)  Pictures to come!!!

Like before, just click on the pictures above to take you to my plans, then you can click on any picture to take you to the product!

One of things I am working on with my kiddos this week is sentence structure.  We have learned a lot of sight words, but that doesn't always mean that kiddos can create a sentence using them.  To practice this skill, I created a magnetic center activity that allows my students to build multiple sight words sentences using word cards and picture cards printed onto magnetic paper (one of my favorite things ever!!!!)

You can also print these cards onto Cardstock and use them in your pocket chart center. 

Students can also work on recognizing and building sight words.  

To store, I put the word card and the needed letters in a sandwich container box I picked up at the Dollar Tree. Easy peasy organization. 

This product, along with the rest of my store, is on sale until this tomorrow night! (I extended the sale because I'm still feelin' fab from Friday!).  Click the picture below to grab it! 

Parent Teacher conferences start this week - cheers to a busy week! 



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