Thursday, September 11, 2014

Fun Down on the Farm!

It's fall!!!!!  Time for boots, leggings, pumpkin EVERYTHING and cuddle time with soft warm blankets!  I love everything about fall!

When it comes to school, this is my favorite time of year when it comes to themes - farm, apples, pumpkins, leaves, etc. SO.  MUCH.  FUN!  First up is farm!  We are officially getting started next week so I am getting a jump start.  This week, I worked on a new farm themed shared reading pack.  My daughter and I recently used it to work on the word 'it'.  

First, we read the story "Hide and Seek Fun on the Farm", and circled the word 'it' throughout. 

We talked about what the book was about (main idea concept), then sorted animals that belong in the zoo and on the farm.

We then created our own 'hide and seek animal' project.  Madi colored a barn and horse (her favorite farm animal) then cut them out.  She also cut words to build a sentence.

Her cutting skills blow me away for a four year old.  I could not be any prouder!

After she cut out the animals and words, we worked to build two sentences that resembled sentences similar to the ones in the book.  It was so helpful in practicing sentence structure and sight word identification.  We glued the barn on the front and built our sentence.  

Then we 'hid' the horse inside.  So cute!  She loved this!  (And yes the horse has a pink tail.  Pink is the best!)

We then played a 'hide the animal' game.  I laid out barn cards that her words on them face up.  I hid a horse card behind one.  To look for the horse, she had to say the word on the card, then check under it.  She LOVED it!  She asked to play it several times!  (I plan on making her a Princess Sofia version very soon!)

You can grab these activities in my Whole Group Shared Reading Week 9 Set.  Click on the picture below to check it out!

When we were all finished she was begging to do more!  (Seriously, this kid loves learning!)  So I thought I would have her check out my new mini farm set.   

First, we worked on beginning sounds, numeral identification and counting.  Madi had to read the numeral, find the matching picture, and write the beginning sound of the animal.

We then matched upper and lowercase letters.  (She got a sucker for working so hard!)

Talked about more beginning sounds.

Read  number words and matched the number animals to the right barn.  (Number words are a big part of our new math curriculum.)

We put picture pieces together to create a sentence.

And then fixed mixed up sentences.

She worked so hard and was so proud!!! She couldn't wait to tell daddy all about our school time!  :)

You can check out the above activities in my Fun on the Farm set!  Click on the picture below to grab it!  

We are so excited for fall around our house and this was the perfect way to get into the fall kind of mood!  I'll be back to share my full plans with you on Sunday!  



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