Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sight Word Book FRENZY!!!

Happy Thursday!  Can I just start off my saying how thankful I am for amazing friends?!  This is the email I received from a super sweet friend yesterday morning.  

"Teachers who love to teach, teach children to love learning!"
You are so good at what you do! :)

Love you, friend. Have a great day!!!! 

I mean, you guys.  I am so blessed.  Such a perfect way to start my day!

Speaking of friends....I recently had a friend ask if I could make my Sight Word Practice Made Easy (& FUN!) for first grade words.  My response?  OF COURSE!!!!  I blogged about these books over the summer if you want to check out the initial post.  

Anyway, since I accepted the challenge, that got me thinking.  I know I like a lot of options when looking at a product.  Can I get it separate if I want it separate?  Can I get it bundled if I want it bundled?  Is the price right?  Will I be able to use it multiple times?  These are all questions I considered when diving into this next project.  Saying that, I am happy with the results so far.  I totally revamped the look of my two Sight Word Practice Made Easy (& FUN!) bundles.  I then started uploading each book individually for more options for buyers.  (I mean, what if you only need one book?  Who wants to buy the whole thing?)  I haven't completely finished uploading each individual book (it is a process!) but I will hopefully be finishing that soon!  

Since I believe in these books so much and truly feel they will benefit you and your students in the classroom, I also made them SUPER affordable.  Since a bundle (10 books) is only $5, I made each individual book only $0.75.  UNDER A $1 PEOPLE!  CRAZY!  I also uploaded my Sight Word Practice Made Easy (& FUN!) - A Book for FREE!  Who doesn't want to test run something?  :)  Download it and let me know what you think!

Besides the 'a' book, here are the individual books I have so far!  (Click on the picture below to go to my TPT store.)

I also have two bundles available if you are looking for more bang for your buck!  I am close to a third bundle so keep an eye out!  Click on each picture below to check them out!

I had a chance to sit with a few of my kiddos today and use these books. What I love most about these books?  They are reusable!  Hardly any color ink!  Hands on!  I can easily target specific words for different children for differentiation.  Everyone is using the same materials (play dough, buttons, dry erase markers, etc.), but everyone is working on the words they need to practice.  The kids had a BLAST and are already learning so much!

To celebrate my 'revamping', I am discounting all sight word books and bundles 10% until Saturday morning!  Enjoy!



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