Saturday, August 16, 2014

Five For Friday - Teacher Survival Edition

Another Five for Friday...on a Saturday.  But hey, I needed to recover from the first two days of school before I could really function!

I started the new school year this week and let me tell you....I.  Am.  Wiped.  Out.  HAPPY!  But EXHAUSTED!  Here are five things about my week!

My big girl Madi started her second year of preschool Thursday.  She is growing up too fast!  She loves her new teacher Mrs. Shani!

Wednesday was our all district "Kick Off" breakfast!  It's always so motivating and inspiring!  A great way to 'kick off' the year!

With so many meetings going on the days before school, it was a crunch to get everything ready for the first day!  I stayed up way too late the night before school started to get things was so worth it!  This is the most prepared I have ever felt starting a new school year!

My sweet little kinder babies are so fun!  We worked hard this week on learning class/school routines and discussing rules and expectations.  One of the ways we did this was by reading David Goes to School and making our David craft!  This is from Fall Into First and you can get it here!  Isn't it sweet?!  

Right now, I am working on a blog post about our first two days and how I used play dough the to welcome my little ones to school!  Check back tomorrow!

This weekend, I will be working on getting just a few things done (mainly cleaning up my messy, neglected house!), but mostly catching up on sleep!  After all...




  1. I think teachers need a new word. Tired doesn't even describe what we feel at the beginning of the year! Love that you were prepared and could feel it--the same thing happened to me (for the first time ever). Good luck this week!