Saturday, August 30, 2014

Five for Friday and Funny Kid Friday - Last for August!

Linking up (late again - seriously, by Friday, I am wiped!) for Doodle Bugs Teaching Five for Friday!  Here are five things about my week!

This week, my hubby and I started a Fit for Fall Challenge through our Beachbody Coach.  We just finished the Alpha round (the first round) but we really wanted to participate for the accountability and support piece.  Ya'll, I have ZERO upper body strength.  Never have.  I am actually starting to get biceps!  Baby biceps, yes.  But biceps!  Watch out world!  I'm getting fit!  ;)

We are working really hard this week on sight words.  In our district we have a list of sight words students start working on during the first full week of school.  CRAZY!!!!  So far, we have covered the, see, I & a.  It's so important for students to have multiple experiences with sight words and in a variety of ways.  Here some ways we worked on sight words this week!

Kiddos had to cut apart letters in boxes, arrange them to spell our words, glue them down and paint them.  So much fun!

A little sight word practice during math centers?  Yes, please!

Working on the word 'a' with my Sight Word Practice Made Easy (& FUN!) books!

We are also learning the basics of word to word matching, taking turns, and being a friend.  To practice this, we did our first buddy reading session.  The kiddos had to read their shared reading book to a friend back and forth.  They were so great!

These two.  They CRACK.  ME.  UP.  I have missed them so much since going back to school!  

Finally, I have to share this sweet and funny story for my Funny Kid Friday post.  I seriously love my job!

So I'm always telling my kiddos the 'why'. Why are we doing this activity? Why do I make you practice this skill? etc. Recently we have been talking about why we take brain breaks and why we get our bodies moving during the day through dance and song. I tell them that when we move while learning, it helps our brain and we can learn more, and that when our brain works really hard, it needs a break. was one of those days I just couldn't think straight. Messed up my words, forgot our schedule, etc. Once I messed up for the billionth time I said, "Oh man! My brain is just not working right today!" (Which they thought was hilariously funny.) One of my sweet kiddos raised her hand and said, "Maybe you haven't moved enough today to get your brain working! You need to take a brain break!"  Love them!

So that's it!  My week!  How was your week?




  1. We all need brain breaks! We had a week of PD, and I am nearing the panic stage of getting ready for next week's first day, and I'm not done with as much as I need. Taking a little break from getting stuff ready to read your post! Can you say where you got the resources the kids are using in number 2 and 3, please? See you around! Kathleen
    Kidpeople Classroom

    1. Kathleen - YES! Brain breaks are so important!!! For teachers too! ;) PD before school starts can be soooo painful when you have a lot to do!

      They are all from my TPT store!

      The math center is from my Back to School Math and Literacy Centers. The sight word book is one of my Sight Word Practice Made Easy (& FUN!) books. Finally, the book the kiddos are reading is from my Beginning of the Year Shared Reading Week 2 set! There is a link to my store on my page! :)