Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Workin on it Wednesday!

Today has been a VERY.  BUSY.  DAY.  Grocery shopping, swim lessons, gymnastics practice, but I was able to find a small window to blog in!  Yay!  

While our air conditioner is out we have been staying with family.  We are so blessed to have family close by that is willing to take in us and all of our crazy, but I am ready to be back in my own house!  Thankfully, the weather has been cool, and with the windows open and fans going, it's not too bad.  Today we are home for the afternoon.  I'm letting the girls get a good nap in and catching up on some work -both school related and not (LAUNDRY!).  Needless to say, for my Workin on it Wednesday post, I can write about A LOT!  

After I finished dishes, laundry, floors, etc.......I sat down to get the two most important things DONE!  I first wrote a letter of recommendation for my friend Kim.  She is currently a faculty member at Missouri State University where I attended college and see looking to become Senior Advisor!  She is so very deserving and has played such an important part of my journey to becoming an educator, that when she asked me to write one I said SURE!  Good luck Kim!  

Next up was finishing up my presentation proposal for the Conference on the Young Years.  This is a smaller conference (well big for Missouri!) and a wonderful conference for Early Childhood educators to attend.  I presented years ago when I taught preschool, on the importance of art in the classroom, and I am hoping to present this coming year on engaging and exciting literacy experiences for children.  Wish me luck!

Finally, I am working on some more of my shared reading sets.  I uploaded my Week 2 set yesterday and had someone ask if I planned on bundling my sets into a month.  The answer is YES!  That is the plan!  I am hoping (fingers crossed) that I will have the first month finished in the next week or so.  I currently have Weeks 1 & 2 complete.  You can find the links below.

My Week 3 set will focus on the word 'like'!  Here is a glimpse!

I have many things still to do on my list: a calendar pack, morning work, finish my classroom library, clean my house...those things will get finished.  Until then, I am enjoying spending some time with my girls.  Next week I will be back at school most days getting ready for the new year!  I'm going to soak up the days I have left with snuggles, late night movies, and a trip to the zoo!

Until tomorrow!



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