Friday, July 11, 2014

Three Times the Link Ups - Three Times the Fun!!! Friday Link Up Triathlon

Be prepared this is a LOOOOONG post!  There are three link ups this Friday and I just can't choose!  

First up....It's Friday!  So that means linking up with KidPeople Classroom for Funny Kid Friday!

My daughter Madi is currently very intrigued by ages, how people are related, what happens when, etc. so I thought this was a sweet little conversation to share from earlier in the week - again about her going to Kindergarten.  

Madi: Mommy, I don't want to go to school anymore. When I'm 18 I don't have to go right? 

Me: Well then you will go to college. 

Madi: I don't want to go to college. Wait. What's college? 

Me: Well that's when you leave home and go to a big school where you learn how to do your big grown up job. 

Madi: Oh ok. Well I don't want to go to preschool anymore. 

Me: One more year and then you get to go to kindergarten. 

Madi: Yay! I've never been to kindergarten before! 

Me: Why are you so excited to go to kindergarten?

Madi: Because then I'll see you! That's why I don't like school, because I don't see you.

Me: I see.

Madi: Mom, I won't have to go to school when I'm 66 will I? 

Me: No probably not. 

Madi: What will I do?

Me: You will probably be a grandma. 

Madi: A grandma?! Wow! Ok. That's fine. But I will still be with 
you, ok mom?

Me: Ok Madi.

Isn't she a doll?!

Next up is my other favorite Friday link up - Doodle Bugs Teaching for the weekly Five for Friday!

Here are 5 things going this week!

Last weekend, I started a Facebook page for my blog and I am SUPER excited about it!  My goal with this page is to share information about new products, sales, and giveaways, but also share practical advice and ideas for parents and teachers.  If you aren't following me on FB yet, you totally should!  Here's the link!

My daughter Madi is grown up - and it's FREAKING ME OUT!  Where did my baby go?!  We have been taking her to gymnastics classes for the past year and she's soooo good!  However, recently, she expressed interest in dance.  I'm not totally ready to give up the gymnastics dream.  It's such good exercise, a great way to channel her energy positively, and totally matches her personality - but I don't want to squash her dream of being a ballerina.  So in addition to gymnastics, we started dance lessons this week.  You all should have seen her beaming.  SO.  SWEET.  Did I mention that we also started swim lessons this week?  Since I could save a rubber duck from drowning in the water, I want my girls to be a little more confident.  Swim lesson are every day for eight days and we only have three down.  If you're keeping track that's five different lessons this week - in a three day period!  This momma is WORN OUT!  Seeing this face though, makes it worth it!

I attended a math training this week for our new math curriculum Go Math!  So far I like what I see!  Anyone use this and have some info they would like to share?

I ran up to school this week to grab something and my room was being waxed!  Eeek!  That means that by this time next week I will be moved back into my room (hopefully!)  Our basement has been taken over this summer by everything I've been making, organizing, getting ready and I am soooooo ready to get it out!  Although, I made need a U Haul to get everything back to school.  #thisisn'tevenallofit #teacherproblems

We have been busy trying to figure out when to take our annual trip to the zoo.  With two little ones, you don't want to go during nap, or when it's too hot or too crowded, there is a lot of planning involved!  One of the things I have been doing is trying to figure out a way spice it up some for Madi.  To get her engaged at the zoo, I made a little scavenger hunt book!  As she finds different animals in the zoo, she will mark an X in the box beside the sentence.  At the end, she will get to draw her favorite animal.  She is going to be so excited!  I wanted you all to be able to use it and enjoy it as well so here it is as a FREEBIE!  Click on the picture to download!

My final Friday link up is with Michelle at Big Time Literacy for the Big Time Blogging Challenge!  (BTBC14)
Today's question is "How would your students' describe you?"  I would like to think my students would describe me as fun, silly, smart, helpful, and caring - at least that's what they have told me before.  I did have a few say I'm weird, but I totally take that as a compliment!  ;)

Thanks for making it through my Friday Linkup Triathlon!  Enjoy your weekend!




  1. Hi Racheal! The picture of Madi is adorable! I was not aware of the Funny Kid Friday Linky. We're taking a trip to Pennsylvania later this year, and my son (5) has seen a few pictures of the liberty bell recently. He's been pretty interested in it, so we found a book at the library. After reading it, he declared that before we go see it, we needed to go to the store to buy the things we need to fix the crack! Love it!
    Not very fancy

    1. Hi Deb, Love the story!! Hope you'll link up to Funny Kid Friday next week. Kidpeople Classroom

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  3. Love the conversation with you and your daughter. Also glad you wrote it down. Now you will never forget it!

  4. Hi Racheal, Gotta love that Madi! I hadnt heard about the Challenge Link Up either. On vakay and this ipad is driving me crazy. xcuse errors. See u next week!

  5. Your comments about your daughter and her activities made me laugh. I was in all those as a kid too (at the same time). Dance is great at helping out gymnastics. Makes them more graceful! Have fun!
    Also - I can't believe how much you got done for the school year - so jealous!