Thursday, July 24, 2014

These are a few of my favorite things....

Since getting into my classroom this week, I have been CONSUMED with getting things set up and ready.  I only had a small window to get things finished since my hallway will be shut down for the next few days to be waxed.  Well, let me tell you, when I am on a mission, I am on a mission!  My classroom is all arranged, my beautifully organized tubs are all in position, and I even have stuff hung on my walls!  #littletriumphs  To be honest, I still have a LOOOOOONG way to go, but the overwhelming/panicky/freak out feeling I had earlier this week (when I realized school starts in 2 1/2 weeks!) is slowly starting to subside.    

Since I am being forced (in a good way!) to take a break from my room, I thought I would catch up on some blogging challenge topics!

Day 23:  What is your favorite thing about your career?

Gosh.  This is HARD!  I love so many things about my job!  I cannot pick just one!  So here's my top three favorite things!

1. Smiles.  Big smiles.  Real smiles.  Full of job smiles.  Laughing smiles.  And not just the smile, but knowing I had a small part in putting it there - makes my heart happy.  

2.  Hugs.  I love teaching young children.  I am a huggy person.  I always have been.  We do hugs in my family every time we leave some place.  It's just who I am!  I am never without hugs in my job!

3.  The AHA moment.  The moment when they totally get it - especially if they've been trying to get it for a while.  :)

Day 24: Who are/were your mentors?  Who helped you grow as a teacher?

I have previously written about Mr. T, who was a former teacher who was influential early on.  Currently, I am blessed to have several teachers and friends who have supported me and challenged me in my career. The first person that comes to mind is my friend, Mara.  When I first began this journey as a blogger and TPT seller, I was NERVOUS with a capital N!  She has taught me so much about self confidence and listening to your gut.  She has been a shoulder to lean on when I am struggling with an issue in the classroom, and someone I can bounce ideas off of and receive honest and real feedback.  She also gives GREAT fashion advice!  She has been an important part of this journey and I am so blessed to call her my friend! 

(not the best pic!  we should fix that soon!)

The rest of my week and weekend I will be working on a few things including week 5 of my shared reading series, a ROCKSTAR small group game set (super excited for this one!) and a lesson on how to treat books for back to school.  However, you may not hear too much from me because I will be soaking up some of the last bits of my summer with my family and friends!  My husband's sweet cousin Alex graduated from high school (I remember taking him to ballgames when he was five!) and his graduation party is this weekend.  Yummy BBQ and playing outside!  Plus, our good friend Paul is visiting us which gives us a good opportunity for some grown up time (i.e. sushi, wine and uninterrupted conversation!)  I can't wait!



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