Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My Furry Friend

Today's writing prompt for the Big Time Blogging Challenge (BTBC14) is your furry friend!  
About 3 or 4 months ago we inherited my mom's dog.  I had always imagined getting a dog for my kids but had planned on a few years down the road.  Apparently, other plans were in store!  Samantha (Sammie) is a chocolate lab who is about 11 years old.  She is so sweet!  She's never truly been around young children except for short bursts at my mom's house, so moving into our home with two rowdy girls has been a change!  She is really LOVING it!  My youngest daughter Lila is about 15 months old and Sammie and Lila have become best friends - partly because Lila likes to share her food with Sammie.  

Poor Sammie has the most patience I've ever seen with my girls = especially Lila.  Whatever Lila wants to do, Sammie's fine.  These perfectly describes their relationship!

Want to see some other fun furry friends?  Check out the link above!




  1. Chocolate labs are beautiful dogs. I am so glad your kids have a new best friend! My kids also share their food with our dog, even with the constant reminders not to. Oh well.

  2. So sweet! You are lucky to have such a wonderful dog!


    Camp Kindergarten

  3. What a sweet dog! And I loved reading the description of your blog. I wish every kindergarten teacher had the same goal to keep it messy, fun, exciting, and hands-on!

    Carolina Teacher