Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July - Currently

Linking up again this month with Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for July currently!  Here is my currently!

Listening: John Legend on Spotify - He is my new obsession.  I LOVE his voice!

Loving: A day to get things done!  The girls are at the babysitter's today (she likes them to come a day or two a week to keep them in some routine) so I have a day to work and clean - both much needed!

Thinking: I really should be working on the new pacing calendar for school.  That's why I turned on the computer....instead I'm working on a new set of foldable number books!

Wanting: A massage.  Lately I've been organizing my thematic units and working on my classroom library which means I have been moving tubs and boxes around for a few days - I am sore!

Needing: A vacation to the beach!  Even my little Madi keeps telling me "I want to go to the beach!" I'm with ya girl, I'm with ya!

4th Plans: No definite plans as of right now but I know it will involve my family and that's perfect!  :)

That's my currently!

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  1. Massage and beach vacation- both of those sound amazing!

    First Grade Nest

  2. I, too, turned on my computer for an entirely different reason but ended up blogging! :) Also dreaming of a massage!

  3. Oh, the day to choose and plan... cleaning would be a good idea for me, buuuuut, maybe another day. LOL. Hope you have a good day!