Saturday, July 5, 2014

Enjoying the Weekend!

So it's day 5 of the Big Time Blogging Challenge and I already missed a day!  Oops!

I've been spending some time with my hubby and girls and loving every minute of it!  Who wouldn't love spending time with these sweeties?!

So here's what I missed!

Day 4: What are your favorite subjects or lessons to teach?

That's a HARD question!  I have to say that I LOVE teaching reading.  Sitting with a small group of eager little Kindergarteners who want to read soooooo bad is one of the best parts of my day.  I enjoy trying to find activities that make them excited about learning.  Finding topics or themes that get them revved up.  Who wouldn't like to learn sight words with Sofia the First or The Incredibles on them?  While I know that math, science, social studies, etc. is important, I firmly believe that if children can read, and are confident readers, they can be successful.  School will be more enjoyable, and students can achieve more.

On the other side of the question, there's math.  Growing up, I was ok at math.  It wasn't my favorite.  When I began teaching Kindergarten, I wasn't super confident about math and I didn't want that to effect my students' learning.  I pushed myself to teach math in a fun and hands on way.  Making sometimes abstract concepts, concrete and helping my students gain mastery.  In return, when I asked my students this past year, what their favorite memory was from Kindergarten was, a lot of them said MATH!  I even had several students write math as their favorite subject on their Student of the Week posters!  WOW!  It just shows that hands on, engaging activities stick and make learning more enjoyable!

Overall, anything I can get my students excited about, engaged in and wanting to learning more - that's my favorite subject/lesson to teach!

Day 5:  For which teams do you get out your pom poms for?

Ha ha ha!  I laughed the first time I read this.  In all actuality, I'm not a huge sports fan.  My husband is a HUGE baseball fan (Atlanta Braves), so cheer for his sake mostly - but I would rather watch BRAVO then ESPN.  #sorrynotsorry  :)

So that's what I missed!  One more day left of the holiday weekend and I have some pool time on my mind!  No worries, school is always there too!  I recently uploaded a new FREEBIE to my store to hopefully help get your organized when you go back to school!  Click the first picture for the link!

Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend!




  1. Spending time with your family is the most important thing! We need to cherish each day and build rich memories with our families.
    I love this sentence, "Overall, anything I can get my students excited about, engaged in and wanting to learning more - that's my favorite subject/lesson to teach!"

  2. Love the freebie! Also, great job supporting your husband with his teams! Right now I get mad when my boyfriend turns the channel to ESPN and I can't remember what channel HGTV is on!

  3. Definitely!! Spending time with family is one of the best things about July. I hear you on favorite subject to teach. :)

  4. Thanks for the sweet comments and for stopping by ladies!

  5. Your pics are so cute...glad you've had a great weekend with the fam! I love the #sorrynotsorry hashtag. I need to use that more!