Thursday, July 3, 2014

BTBC14: My Family

Today's Blogging Challenge topic is a post about your family!

What a perfect day to write this post!  I just had a CRAZY morning that perfect describes my life and family!  My dad's birthday is coming up and he is a huge Harley fan.  For a gift, my stepmom wanted to get pictures of my girls wearing Harley gear taken.  Love this idea!  Then....we got there.  A four year old and a one year old...  Before lunch...  Getting pictures taken...  Can you see where this is going?  It was CRAZY!  There were tears - both mine and theirs - as we tried to get a good shot.  In the end (after many, many, many tries by our very patient photographer) we decided to call it a day.We ended up with some FABULOUS pictures of Madilynn (4) - best pictures we've ever had - and some OK pictures of Lila (1) - though they matched her growing personality and cranky/tired mood perfectly.  As a reward for surviving the session, we decided a trip to Chic Fil A was in order so we swung by and met Daddy, Mimi and Papa (my in laws) for lunch.  It was loud, busy, and crazy there as well, but it was nice to have family from my side and family from my husband's side spending this time with my girls.  By the time we made it home, we were exhausted.  Lila was sound asleep and snuggling me as I put her in bed, and Madi was getting ready to curl up with me to read a book before nap - making sure we gave extra hugs and kisses after such a wild morning.  A perfect ending to the morning.  No matter how overwhelmed, stressed, or insane being a mother can make me, I wouldn't change it.  My kids are my everything.  

My life is sometimes loud.  My life is usually crazy.  My life is always BLESSED.  




  1. I'm sure there's tons of great pics in that bunch, and what a great idea for a gift! The pic you posted was super cute! and loved the way you ended the blog :-)

  2. Loud. Crazy. Blessed. Yep. Sounds like the perfect life : )

  3. Oh, I loved those snuggles and book times. Thanks for reminding me of some good memories.