Sunday, July 20, 2014

Back to Normal

I am soooo happy it's Sunday.  I know, I know.  It's sounds crazy!  But after the week I just had, I am so happy to see Sunday!  As you know, our air conditioner went out last weekend and we spent the week at my sister in law's.  We had a great time, especially all of the cousins, but we were exhausted by the end of the week!  We finally got to move back in to a nice cool house on Friday (small blessings people!), before we were packing up the car again early Saturday morning for a day in St. Louis at the zoo.  We loved it!

Today we were finally back to normal!  We played outside, mowed the craze, made a meal, did laundry....ahhhh!  Normalcy!  I also moved all of my school materials back to my classroom.  It only took two big vehicles and and hour and half!  Tomorrow I will begin working back in my room.  I'll be posting pictures as I work so look for those on Instagram!  I'll also be doing a blog post soon about how I set up my centers!

Since I've been MIA from the Big Time Blogging Challenge, I thought I would play a little catch up tonight on some of the topics! 

Day 16: Favorite movies and/or TV shows

FRIENDS!  I own every season on DVD!
Breakfast at Tiffany's 

Day 17: Share a great classroom management strategy

Mean what you say and say what you mean!
(and remember that they're five!)

Day 18: What are your teacher must have items you buy at the beginning of each school year?

Pens!  Love me some cute pens!
Pencil zipper pouches - I am constantly using these for centers and little pieces.  

Day 19: What holiday you enjoy celebrating most with your students?

CHRISTMAS!  I love everything about Christmas!  And I do a lot of fun units and activities around Christmas!

Day 20 : If money were no object, what experiences would you give your students?

HANDS ON!  Yes, we plant flowers and plants when talking about plant life cycles but I would LOVE to take them to a greenhouse!  Imagine taking them to a planetarium, the ocean, the jungles of Africa - all to see first hand the concepts and animals you talk about in your room!  Most of my students will never get those experiences, I would love to be able to provide that for them!

Whew!  Caught up!  I'll leave you now with a selfie my 16 month took of herself.  Who doesn't love a good baby selfie?!  




  1. I love Friends too! My hubs and I got all 10 seasons as a wedding gift and have watched it at least 10 times through...I find it just as hilarious each time!

    I feel ya on the returning to normal! I am looking forward to being able to get into my classroom so I don't have boxes and crates everywhere in my house and so my ToDo lists quit getting longer!

  2. The zoo! What a fun day. Have fun getting your room ready, I'm looking forward to seeing pictures.

  3. I am seriously out of the loop. I don't watch much TV, and have never seen a single episode of Friends. Don't know what I'm missing.