Thursday, June 5, 2014

Summer School

So my first year of teaching summer school has officially started!  I was really worried that I would be kicking myself during the first week while I was outside on recess duty, thinking of all my teacher friends at the pool...lucky for me it's been stormy and rainy!  Ha!  Seriously, summer school has been fun so far!  It's not without it's challenges - not being in my own building is number one.  I miss my things!  I miss my computer!  I miss my FONT!  Teacher problems...  :) 

My kiddos have been awesome though!  My group of kiddos have come from six different buildings to work together in my room this summer.  They are doing great!  Today we read The Paper Bag Princess (one of my favorites!) and worked on some fairy tale writing.  The summer school theme this year is Disney so this fit perfectly!  We also worked on some jungle math fact sorting (for "The Jungle Book" of course!) and CVC words and phoneme manipulation.  I didn't get a lot of pictures...BUSY DAY!  But I did get a video of my kids working with my CVC Savvy activity.  One of my future firsties said, "This is cool!  We never did this at my old school!"  Crack me up!  He was really excited!

I'm working tonight on some sight word game cards, some new emergent readers and a summer comprehension and fluency activity!  I'll write about them soon!



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