Saturday, June 7, 2014

Some Word Building Fun

Yesterday, I was FINALLY able to meet with a few kiddos for some small group work.  This is probably my favorite part of the day!  We spent our time working on word building activities.  For my first group, I used the Phineas and Ferb sight word cards I had created for a student (anything for motivation), alphabet beads and pipe cleaners.  I was able to target different words for each student.  Each student received a sight word card, read the word and built it using the beads and pipe cleaners.  So simple and they LOVED it!  After the students had each built about four words, we sorted the words by number of letters.  

For my next group, we worked on building CVC words.  I used one of my FAVORITE products and it turned out to be a hit for this group as well!  These Short Vowel Dominoes are perfect for building a variety of words and my students had a blast using them! 

I gave each child some dominoes, then I began the chain of dominoes.  I put three or four together to build a few words and demonstrate how to use them.  My kiddos then worked together to build a domino chain as long as our table!  I had a picture of their amazing work but it was accidentally deleted (technology FAIL!).  I promise...their work was AWESOME!

As a class, we have been working on R controlled vowels.  We have been using the Heidi's Songs DVDs and CDs.  Today we learned the Er/Ir/Ur song (again, I had a video FAIL!) then practiced reading a variety of words using these combinations.  

My kiddos loved it!  One of my girls came up during centers after putting together some word puzzles and said, "Mrs. Bohnert!  Mrs. Bohnert!  Bird!  B-I-R-D!  It has an IR in it!"  She was SO EXCITED!  Connections have been made people!  Happy teacher!  I am currently working on some comprehension activities for my higher readers and some sight word books for my readers who need some extra practice!  I'll keep you all posted!



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