Monday, June 16, 2014

Sight Word Practice Made Easy (and FUN!)

A few weeks back, my daughter Madilynn became really interested in learning how to read. I knew that she was ready to begin grasping the ideas of words and reading simple sentences, but, since she was only 4, I was worried about pushing the traditional style sight word practice on her - especially since her fine motor is still developing. This is what prompted my Sight Word Practice Made Easy (and FUN!) product. 

I started with a simple 4x6 photo album from Wal-Mart (only a $1!) since I knew you could use dry erase markers on it and she would love that. I then thought about what I wanted her to do inside. I wanted her to practice building the sight word as many ways as possible, using them in sentences and even making up her own sentences using the word to practice language. I also knew that I wanted to make it exciting! This is the end result. 

Here is a step by step of each page: 

Page 1:
Use play dough or Wikki Stix to build the word. 

Page 2: 
Trace the word. 

Page 3: 
Write the word. 

Page 4:
Use letter tiles or magnetic letters to build the word. 

Page 5:
Find the word and circle it. 

Page 6: 
Circle the letters in the word and connect them in order. 

Page 7:
Fix the word (it is spelled wrong! Ooops! 😉)

Page 8: 
Read the sentence. Use highlighting tape or a game piece (or a button!) and put it on the word. 

Page 9: 
Fill in the word and read it. 

Page 10: 
Write your own sentence and draw a picture. (Madi's says "The swing." ☺️)

Page 11: 
Did you try your best? Smiley face!!! 

I also created a paper version to use whole group where students do similar activities including color the word, rainbow write and use stamps. 

What I love about this product - (1) it's reusable!!! The amount of paper I go through each year Oy Vay!!! Plus (2) I can easily differentiate within a small group without a lot of prep. I simply pull out the targeted sight word they need and they can start working! Finally, (3) it really is fun! I have a kiddo in my class who is very low and has HATED reading and he has been ASKING to do these! ASKING!!!!! 🎉🎉🎉

I hope and your students enjoy them and find them as useful as we do!! Here is the link! 



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