Friday, June 20, 2014

Five for Friday - June 20th Edition!

I am linking up once again with Doodle Bugs Teaching to tell you five things about my week!

Here it goes!

I discovered a new drink at Starbucks this week and it is LIFE.  CHANGING.  

Caramel Frappuccino with White Mocha.  Love it.  Gotta have it. Seriously.  I am UHB-SESSED!  You know how in the movies those big shot executives walk into their office and the secretary hands them a coffee made just right?  That's the life.  Hmmmmmm..... Ok (wiping the drool) moving on...

Our theme for summer school is DISNEY!  I could not be happier!  This week we were in full on Disney mode.  I made Sofia the First cards for my own kiddo to practice letters and new words and then I made The Incredibles nonsense words cards for a kiddo to take home and practice!  Too fun! 

Today we had a Disney character dress up day and of course I had 3 Elsa's in my class!  Adorable!

I am seriously considering buying a Microsoft Surface with some of my summer school money.  Any thoughts?  I need something I can blog and TPT with on the go.  The convenience of a tablet but the abilities of a laptop - but I don't want it to cost an arm and a leg.  Any pointers?  Tips?  I would love your input!

I am so close to my summer I can TASTE it!  Daddy has had three baseball games this week (he's a coach!) so it's been me and my beauties!  I can't wait to spend more time together having FUN!

I am totally excited for this weekend!  It is a weekend full of friends and family!  Tonight we had dinner with my in-laws, niece and nephew (YUMMY!) then topped it off with sno cones (EXTRA YUMMY!)  Tomorrow we are having breakfast with my grandparents for my grandpa's birthday and then tomorrow night I get to hang out with some of these girls!

A group of my high school girl friends are getting together with our kiddos this weekend!  I have been friends with these girls for 15+ years and they are the BEST!  This picture is VERY dated (that is my four year old about a week after she was born!) so we are going to have to fix that!  Can't wait for some girl talk and catching up!

Hope everyone had a great week!




  1. Hello Racheal! Love number 4 up there– your eldest is a hambone :) I can't find your email on your site. Can you please email me at I have something to share.
    Kidpeople Classroom

  2. I'm loving my ipad, so I can't tell you much about the Microsoft products. I still use my laptop for most blogging/ TpT stuff.

    Your little ones are adorable! I LOVE the Disney theme!

    Don't you love Five for Friday? I find all sorts of delightful blogs on Fridays!
    Sally from Elementary Matters

    1. Sally! Thanks for commenting! Yes! I love Five for Friday! So fun!