Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Little Bit of Everything...

Hey all!  I hope everyone had a great day and you're enjoying your summer so far!  Today was my one day break between the school year and summer school and it was BUSY!

I did actually get to sleep in until 6:30!  Woohoo!!! The small joys of motherhood!  He he he! Then, I hit the ground running.  First, I updated my Beach Side Sight Words game to include upper and lowercase letters for kiddos still working on the alphabet (they should get to play a fun game too, right?!) and I created an editable page for you to enter your own words!  So excited!

My wonderful hubby and daughter helped me get my summer school room ready (nothing fancy but enough for fun with future firsties for 16 days!) then we dropped Madi off for her first birthday party without us (sniff, sniff - she's so BIG!).  Remember the anniversary yesterday?  Well, today we were able to celebrate!  We went to our of favorite restaurants for lunch.  Sushi - YUM!!!!  Hibachi grill - YUM!!!!  Sorry I don't have a picture of the whole sushi roll, we were really hungry!  :)

Finally, my day ended with a visit to the dentist.  Not the best part of the day.  My teeth are really prone to cavities and today I finally had to get a crown.  Ugh!  No.  Fun.  Though my dentist, Dr Ashley is AMAZING and she even recommended ice cream for dinner....so it's not all bad.  :)

So my busy day off is over and summer school starts TOMORROW!  Can't wait to meet a new group of kiddos!  I love starting off with a new set of students - I get such a positive feeling in anticipation!  With that feeling, I created a set of positive note cards that I can copy onto colored paper, cut apart, and have on hand for a quick, fun, positive note to send home to parents.  I'm loving the rock star theme lately and I know my kiddos do too.  I wanted to share this with everyone so I uploaded this FREEBIE to my TPT store!  Go grab it and don't forget my store is still discounted 10% until tomorrow!!

Until tomorrow!



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