Saturday, December 13, 2014

Last of My Plans for December!!!

It's December.
In Kindergarten.
Praise God.
It's the weekend.

We have had such a wonderful week, honestly, my kiddos are the sweetest!  But there is something about December that brings out the crazy!  We have had a busy few weeks with Christmas concerts and performances, visitors from other buildings and districts observing in my classroom, and the end of the quarter assessments.  With all of that being said, December has been wonderful!

We used this week to wrap up our Gingerbread unit.  We had a BLAST!  My kids love hearing the different versions.  And honestly, I LOVE reading them.  I think it comes out when I read.  I was told several times this week "Mrs. Bohnert we love when you read to us!"  Be still my teacher heart!

We compared and contrasted the originals and made a big gingerbread house to display our findings. It was so fun to hear, "That's the same!" or "That's different!" as we read each version.  They were totally into it!  We also made some sweet gingerbread men to match.  I love how creative each kiddo was!


We also used my new craftivity 'Cookies for Santa' to practice subtraction.  Didn't these turn out so cute?  I love when math is hands on and meaningful and my kids loved doing it too.

I was able to differentiate for each child.  Some I gave more cookies to and allowed them to come up with their own subtraction sentence.  Others I gave fewer but still allowed.  And still others I controlled the craft by telling them how many cookies to give Santa and how many he will eat.  To grab this freebie, click on the picture below.

In science, we used gingerbread cookies to talk about five senses...

and then used Deanna Jump's Gingerbread Unit to graph our first gingerbread bites!

This week is our last week before Christmas and we are busy yet again!  My daughter's class Christmas party is Wednesday afternoon so I'm taking time off to be with her.  Then Thursday is Polar Express/Pajama Day and Friday is party day ad my Madi's 5th birthday!  We still have a lot to learn and review including finishing up our second quarter sight words.  We will be using my new Whole Group Shared Reading Set (Week 17) to learn and practice the words 'for' and 'have' along with talking about GIVING during the holiday season.

Here are my plans for this week!  Lots of fun will be had!

I whipped up two little activities for my kiddos.  The first is a subtraction review page.  We will be assessing this week and I hope this gives us just a little more practice with this skill. You can grab this freebie by clicking the pictures below!

My kiddos this year LOVE to color so I thought I would create a fun coloring page for our party day.  This will be a nice relaxing, fun way to start the day!  Click on the picture for this FREEBIE!

I'll be back to post later this week about our party plans and fun gifts for the kiddos.  Until then, enjoy your weekend all!



Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Quick Post!

It's been a busy weekend here at home!  Breakfast with Santa, cleaning out closets and toys to make room for new goodies, and our annual Cookie Day!  I did find time to get a chance to get my plans finished as well as a sweet little craft for your littles to practice subtraction! 

We are wrapping up our gingerbread unit and really diving into Christmas!  Click on the picture below to download my plans!

My kiddos have begun working on subtraction and we are needing a fun way to practice!  I whipped up this sweet little craft for us to do this week!  

To grab this FREEBIE - click on the picture below!

Have a wonderful week y'all!



Monday, December 1, 2014

Back to Normal

Y'all.  I am so blessed to be sitting on my couch, in the comfort of my warm living room, watching something from my DVR and eating actual food.  This time last week I was in the hospital with this sweetie.  That's right.  My poor baby girl spent two days in the hospital for dehydration.  The darn stomach got her and she couldn't get over it.  On top of that, her big sister got strep....AGAIN.  Fourth time in two months.  We now have a tonsillectomy scheduled for January.  I love our doctors - they are seriously the best - but I do not want to see them again for a long, long time.  

I was so happy when she started feeling better!  The nurses just loved this sweetie!  She even got a puppy!

Fortunately, my girls are feeling much better and we are home, healthy and back to normal!

Meanwhile, my school kiddos were very well taken care of.  I had sent home a fun 'hide the turkey activity' the week before after we read Run Turkey Run.  Look at these turkeys!!!  How creative!!!

A Ghostbuster turkey.

A pizza delivery turkey.

Leonardo the Ninja turkey.

And beautiful Princess turkey!  

I just love them!

Well, now that Thanksgiving is over.  It's time for CHRISTMAS!  We are starting with my favorite topic GINGERBREAD!!!  Here are my plans for the week.

Click on the link below to download my plans!

We are starting subtraction this week so I whipped up this fun little subtraction activity for my kiddos.  It's my FREEBIE this week!  To grab it, just click on the picture below!

I'm also excited to begin using my December Word Work.  My kiddos began using these today in centers and they loved the activities!  Here is what's included.

Rudolph Upper/Lowercase Letter Dab

What's in Santa's Bag? Beginning Sounds

Gingerbread Vowel Sort

Stocking CVC Words - this is my favorite!!!

Wrapping Up Blends

Decorating with Digraphs

Thinking of CVCe Words

Choo Choo Mixed Up Sight Words

Christmas Sentences

Toy Factory Word Families

Naughty or Nice Words

Plus two emergent reader flip books!  

To grab this pack, just click on the link below!!!

And the best part?  It's on SALE as part of the the 2 day TPT Cyber Sale!  Everything in my store is 20% off and when you enter the code TPTCYBER you can get 28% off!  Click the picture below to check out my store!

Happy shopping!  Happy December!  



Thursday, November 20, 2014

Five for Friday: November 21st

Happy Friday y'all!  I tell happy to see Friday!  It's been a busy week both at home and at school, and it's going to be a busy weekend!  This girl is going to need her coffee!!!  Here are some things that have kept me busy!

We got into our Thanksgiving theme this week.  We read this sweet story before making an anchor chart of things we are thankful for.  

Seriously, my kids are the sweetest.  I love them.  

We used this anchor chart to write and illustrate some things we are thankful for.  We used this graphic organizer to help organize our thoughts!

If you'd like to grab a copy of this to help your students, just click the picture below!  It's a FREEBIE!

This week we started REALLY working on CVC words.  The ability to phonetically stretch out a word, and blends sounds together into a word is CRUCIAL for reading success.  One of the ways we practiced is with my Mixin' It Up! CVC Style! puzzles!  Students cut apart a mixed up CVC puzzle, rearrange it at their table and glue the pieces in the correct place on their recording sheet.  They then read the word and write a sentence using the word.  I challenged my kiddos to use two sentences this time and they rocked it!  Check out their awesome work!

This week in math, we continued working on addition.  We use the math series Go Math.  There is a big emphasis on a deeper understanding of numbers and number relationships.  So we have delved into specific numbers and the multiple ways you can build them.  One of the things I knew I wanted to work on with my kids is the 'backwards' addition sentence introduced in our curriculum.  I just anticipated it being difficult, and I was right.  My kids were totally confused at first!  We worked this week on understanding the 'backwards number problem' - and we used number bonds to do so!

Since Wednesday was Mickey Mouse's birthday (he's 86 in case you were wondering - we just had to look it up!), we used Mickey in math!  We started with the total amount of stars (7) in the large circle.  We then moved some of the some to the left 'Mickey ear' and the rest of the stars to his 'right ear'.  The visual of having a total number and breaking it down (decomposing it!) into two groups was awesome!  My kids loved it!

Later in the week, we used the magic number 10 and decomposed it using chart paper.  It was so exciting watching my kids learn.  The started noticing pairs such 4+6 and 6+4 and how both equaled ten.  My kids told me "This is the best math ever!" #handsonisthebest

Since it was a long week, I definitely earned a break!  Wednesday I celebrated a girls' night with two of my favorites.  The best conversations happen with good friends and good wine right?!

Finally, this weekend we are jam packed.  Trivia night for our district's CTA Friday and a benefit for a friend's mother who is battling cancer on Saturday night.  Plus, I will be spending some quality time with this girl Saturday during the day.

My little sister is getting married y'all!  We are going wedding dress shopping and I am freaking out!  How is this possible?  She's not this old is she?  I'm going to try my best not to cry.  But I know I'm going to.  Whatever.  A little extra prayers are appreciated Saturday.  I'm going to need them!

Happy Friday!